I Shall Master This Family Chapter 84: Rise Of Pellet Union! Release Date & More!

I Shall Master This Family Chapter 84 will reveal the true plan of Florentia. The previous chapter came as a surprise bang to the audience. However, the auction for the Lira mine eventually went to Pellet Union. The recognition that Clerivan was seeking everywhere came to him in the form of this auction. Now everyone, including the Durak Gold Commission, knows the name of Clerivan Pellet.

The next chapter of the manhwa will explain the true plan of Florentia. It seems she had already planned to put things down for the Lombardi clan. Moreover, she also got the chance to get the mine as Clerivan was his subordinate. So the Lombardi bid was just a fluke to distract the other competitors at the auction. Check out the following article regarding the future plot of the titular manhwa!

There will be a significant increase in the Pellet union’s status in the I Shall Master This Family Chapter 84. Moreover, Florentia might also reveal her secret plan that worked out at the auction. Clerivan was the ace card of Florentia that completely stole the show at the auction. But the Angenas have still not recovered from the shock of losing the auction.

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The previous chapter ended with the scream of the Angena family’s bidder. It seems that those mines are much more precious than they look. Moreover, the cost of the new mineral is not known to anyone yet. So, Florentia might unearth the new mineral that will exponentially increase Lombardi Clan’s profits. It would be much more interesting to watch how much profitable the auction was to the Lombardis.

The 83rd chapter of I Shall Master This Family started with the chaos in the auction hall. Moreover, it was already late due to the Lombardi clan members. Angenas were worried about the bid amount for mine. However, things turned upside down when Clerivan entered as an independent bidder in the auction room. Angenas were only left with the option to ponder over Clerivan’s strategy.

But the limited budget of the Lombardi clan was soothing for the Angenas. So the bid submission started, and all of the clans entered their bidding amount. The auction officer announced the top three winners of the bid. The first one was Angenas with 2000 gold coins while the second was Lombardis with 1600 gold coins. But the bid winner was none other than Clerivan Pellet with 2500 gold coins bid.

I Shall Master This Family Chapter 84 will be out on September 24, 2022. The auction arc from the manhwa is much popular among the readers. The mind games that Florentia played were the true suspense of the story. Make sure to read the chapters on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage for more insight. Don’t forget to visit The Anime Daily for manhwa-related stuff!

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