I’m The Villainess, So I’m Taming The Final Boss Anime Trailer Out! Release Date

The staff for I’m The Villainess, So I’m Taming The Final Boss Anime, came out with the new trailer. The trailer is visually quite strong, featuring the theme song of the anime. The makers of the TV anime also revealed the premiere date of the anime. The highlight of the anime is the story adapted from a light novel series. It is about the love story of a devil and a girl, both of which have something at stake. But before moving any further, here is everything you need to know about the light novels series!

Sarasa Nagase has written the titular light novel series. However, Mai Murasaki is the illustrator for the respective light novel series. Kadokawa serialized the manga in its own Beans Bunko Imprint. Its serialization started in September 2017. Moreover, the light novel series has also received a manga adaptation. Anko Yuzu is the illustrator of the manga, which was serialized in Comp Ace print. Its run was from June 2018 to August 2019. Let’s move right on to the revealed details!

The trailer for the I’m The Villainess, So I’m Taming The Final Boss Anime came out on Thursday. The trailer was visually beautiful and promising. Moreover, it depicted the plot of the anime in a very short time span. The first half of the trailer featured the hate between the Devil Lord and the female lead character. However, the second half of the trailer was completely dedicated to the emerging love between them.

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The makers also revealed the info on the theme song of the anime. The title for the opening theme song is “Kyokan Sarenakute mo li ja Nai”. Moreover, the performer of this song is Rie Takahashi. She is also the voice actress for the titular villainess. However, the name of the ending theme song of the anime is “Nomikku”. ACCAMER is the performer for this ending song.

The anime is about the noblewoman whose fiance breaks with her due to her destiny. An astrologer has predicted that this girl will not live long. The demon king will be the person who will kill her. Moreover, her fiance makes him feel embarrassed about it in front of everyone. However, her past is not quite easy as you think. It is her Karma from the past life that is returning to this life. But the lady villainess is not going to give up.

So she has decided to turn his feat upside down. She will make the demon king fall in love with her. Moreover, she has plans to marry him ultimately. This will not only save her from the feat but also protect her from other enemies that will be out in the world. But it will not be so easy for her to make a demon all in love with a human. What are the ways she must take to make this love story successful? It will be out after the release of the anime.

The announcement from the makers disclosed that the I’m The Villainess, So I’m Taming The Final Boss Anime will release on October 1, 2022. However, there is not much detailed info on the release time and release platform. However, our team will make sure to provide the information on our site as soon as it goes public!

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