Ittoki The Ninja Episode 2: Merciless Choices! Release Date & Plot

Ittoki The Ninja Episode 2 is one of the most anticipated storylines of this week. The first episode was successful in setting the stage for a story that has the potential to become a top anime. The first episode showed that Ittoki was a seemingly normal high school boy who has nothing interesting happening in his life. But it turned out that he is the son of the leader of a ninja clan. And after the passing of his father, he has to take the position of head. Here is everything that you need to know about the episode.

In the following storyline, Ittoki will learn about all the odds that are currently working against him. His mother will take care of explaining everything about the past. Thus, it will be interesting to see what happens when he finally takes the position of the head.

As per the preview released in the last episode, the title of the next one is “Merciless Choices.” This episode will open with Ittoki sitting with his mother and learning about the past, present, and future of all the events that have taken place in the clan so far. For him, the existence of the ninja clan was a big enough revelation. Thus, handling an entire clan as a leader was something that he could not have imagined.

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So now, Ittoki The Ninja Episode 2 will open with the mc sitting with his mother. Before knowing about the rival groups, he would have to know everything about the gang that he is battling. It will be interesting to get to know the world of ninjas and the fighters surrounding them.

But on the date, a group of ninjas happens to attack the boy. And this is the point where Ittoki comes to know that he has to handle an entire clan of ninjas after the death of his father. And now, he is pronounced the 19th head of the Iga Shinobi Clan. But the clan has already split into two, knowing that someone betrayed the trust of the man.

The final release date of the new episode has already been announced. Fans would not have to wait any longer to watch the new episode. So, Ittoki The Ninja Episode 2 is lined up with a release date in the next two days. Thus, the final release date is October 11, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the episodes of the anime only on the official pages of Crunchyroll. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates only here.

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