Kaiju No 8 Chapter 65: What Is Kikoru’s Fate? Release Date & Plot

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 65 will release in the next two days and bring some of the most anticipated storylines to the limelight. In the last outing, it was seen that Reno Ichikawa was still in the middle of a test. As the chapter passed, the boy was able to pass the training test with flying colors. On the other side, Kikoru was also facing a tough decision. So, will Kikoru also join the league of kaijus and become one herself? Here is everything to know about the chapter.

In the upcoming storyline, fans will be able to see how the fusion between Kikoru and Kaiju no 4 takes place. In the past, most of these fusions have not been successful because the fighters end up losing their moral compass of it. But this might not be the case with Kikoru?

The next chapter will be pushing Kikoru into the limelight. It was seen that she was facing the challenge of making a decision. This was the choice between remaining in the middle ranks of the position and becoming a kaiju herself. So, the tests had shown that her body was compatible for a fusion with Kaiju no 4. Thus, Kaiju No 8 Chapter 65 will begin with the commencement of the process of the same.

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It was seen that she wanted to give her best to the upcoming rounds. Apart from this, the following training rounds will also continue in the next outing. Reno Ichikawa’s passing of the exam means that he would be able to join Kikoru in the process. Thus, a strong team seems to be building within the Association.

Kaiju No 8 Chapter 64 started with all the heroes motivating Reno to make the finishing move and finish the Kaiju. And so the hero did the same. Elsewhere, Kikoru told Ogata that her cells had come compatible with that of Kaiju no 4. But she still had cold feet about the decision. Thus, she asked him if she would be able to pull off the fusion. Back on the field, the fight with the monster was not going in the way Reno had anticipated.

Instead of getting the upper hand, the man was running all over the place. But it was seen that Ichikawa had passed the test well enough. Thus, a lot of responsibility was to come into his hands now. In the last act of the chapter, Kikoru had finally decided that she was going to take up the fusion and become a kaiju herself.

Action will not cease to end anytime soon in the story of Kaijus and the fighters who hunt them. So, there is no break in the release of this week’s outing. The final release date of the chapter is June 24, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Viz Media, Shonen, and MangaPlus. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the intel about this in one page.

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