Kengan Omega Chapter 168: Ohma Vs. Koga Round 1! Release Date

This week, Kengan Omega Chapter 168 is lined up with a proper release date. This particular chapter was supposed to come out last week. But instead, fans got a filler outing that showed the practice session of the MC with Suekichi Kaneda. The master quickly noticed that Ohma’s right side was weaker than the left part of his body. Thus, he might have to take care of this in Kengan Omega Chapter 168. Without any further ado, here is everything to know about the next outing.

The upcoming storyline of Kengan Omega will commence with the fight between the Kengan Association’s champion and Narushima Koga. The latter is especially worried about the match as he will be fighting the winner of the last tournament. But wits and luck will also play a huge role in this outing.

The next chapter of Kengan Omega finally sees the beginning of the match between Ohma and Koga. The latter has been able to win the previous match in a swift. However, Ohma is still fresh in the championship. As soon as the bell rings, attacks and counterattacks will begin. And the audience would be cheering for the heroes. Most of the viewers are rooting for Ohma, who was the champion of the last tournament.

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But Koga is also a polished fighter in such matches. Plus, he also has Ryuki on his side, who would give him instructions from the stands. Out of the three rounds, Ohma is sure to win this first one. After that, the match might deviate in any direction. All in all, Kengan Omega Chapter 168 will definitely bring a lot of action to the table.

Kengan Omega Chapter 167.2 was an untitled outing that showed Tokita Ohma’s practice session with Kaneda Suekichi. The Giant Killer wanted to warm up the boy before he went for the final match. Ohma easily won the first round, surprising the master. But Suekichi asked him not to get as confident because Tokita had a long way to go. The master then explained that he went for the weaker side of his opponents deliberately.

This is how he found out about Ohma’s weakness as well. After the discussion, Ohma confessed that he had a weird feeling that something was about to go down soon enough. The next act of the chapter saw a dialogue between Koga and Ryuki. He wanted advice from him before the next match. The chapter came to an end with the beginning of the championship.

The next outing is sure to entertain fans with some of the most exciting fight sequences. As of the time of writing, there is no break in the release of the chapter. So, Kengan Omega Chapter 168 will release this week on July 28, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates on this right here.

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