Kingdom Chapter 728: Han Zen’s Siege Tower! Release Date

The last panel of the previous chapter brought a massive ray of hope both for Qin and the fans. Even though Kanki was smart enough to break and encirclement and breach the trap, he might not save the war from falling out of their hands. This is the point when the army needs a savior more than ever. And just at the right moment, they got Hanzen as their saving entity. Kingdom Chapter 728 brings more layers to this act. Thus, here is everything to know about the next chapter.

In the following storyline, fans will be able to see how Hanzen’s plan affects the war. The siege tower might seem like a good plan in times of turmoil, but all may not go as planned. But this certainly would be a huge shock to Riboku.

The next chapter of Kingdom will bring new folds to the end of the Qin army. Riboku is confident that he will be burying this army in Zhao itself. For him, most of Kanki’s men and the Shin troops are lurking in the woods and will be dead by morning. However, what he does not know is that Hanzen of the Kanki Army had already entered Zhao back in the days only to build a siege tower that could help them.

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And now is the only time that they need this tower more than ever. Hanzen will take all of the troops inside the tower before the sun goes up. And in the morning, the Riboku army would not be able to find where these men went. Even Kohaku and Shun Sui Ju’s efforts are going to go in vain after they come to know of the tower in Kingdom Chapter 728.

And with the help of these soldiers, Kanki had managed to break through the encirclement that Riboku had created. But Kanki was only wishing the Zenou clan not to die on them. Riboku then sent a message to Kohaku and Shun Sui Ju to send forces. He wanted to crush the remaining parts of Kanki’s army. And it became clear to Riboku that Kanki’s remaining army was a troop of dying men.

In the night, Shin took his men into the woods, out of the reach of the encirclement. But the last piece of hope emerged into the woods for Shin. Hanzen Chief of the Kanki army, came to the rescue and told Shin about the Siege Tower that he had built.

Breaking Riboku’s encirclement was only the beginning of Kanki’s master plan. However, if not a success, Qin might end up losing too much in this battle. So, Kingdom Chapter 728 will release this week without any break. The final release date of the chapter is July 24, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. And so, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates on the same.

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