Kingdom Season 4 Episode 19: Can Shin Defeat The Rebellions? Release Date & More!

The Battle at Kanyou is at a very crucial end. The enemy forces have opened the gate on the Eastern wall of the royal capital. The destiny of Kanyou will meet its conclusion in the Kingdom Season 4 Episode 19. Moreover, Shin is currently following his troop to the doors of the Kanyou. However, the enemy forces have already reached the capital. Shin must increase his pace to defeat the rebellious forces completely. So, here is all you need to know about the next outing.

The next episode of the power-packed anime will continue its brutal pace. However, the emperor will be no more if Shin does not reach Kanyou city on time. Hi Shin force is leading the way for the ten thousand Sai civilian force. They are headed for the gates of the Kanyou capital for now. It seems that the emperor Rei still has something up his sleeve. Ryo Fui is speculating about the outcome of rebellion and not about the future possibilities!

The main problem that concerns the Kingdom Season 4 Episode 19 is Shin’s timing. The defeat of the rebellion force is only possible if Shin reaches there on time. They have already wasted a lot of time on the Isui river. Moreover, they have no idea of the enemy’s capabilities. Shin is just aware of the total number of the enemy force. Fifteen hundred soldiers have already lost their lives crossing the Isui river.

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Shin is approaching the Kanyou with a total of 9500 soldiers. But the enemy has still maintained its 30,000 number. If things go out of hand, it would be difficult for Shin to handle the situation. But if the Royal forces at the capital become loyal to Rei Emperor, then things can get better. Rebellions think that they are on the side of Ryo Fui. But the twist of the next episode might be the change of mind of the royal forces.

They succeeded in their motive. But they could not stop Shin’s force for a long time. He formed a wedge shape formation and crossed the river while defending the rowers. But Shin is still late as the rebellions have broken through the East Wall. However, the plain face of the emperor is still hiding something. He might have deployed another secret force at the royal capital.

The upcoming Kingdom Season 4 Episode 19 will drop on August 13, 2022. However, the anime is not on any break. The anime is available to watch on the official site of Bilibili. So it might release on time without any delay. Make sure to visit other articles from The Anime Daily for more amazing reviews and anime facts!

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