Kingdom Season 4 Episode 21: Ryo Fui’s Shot At Victory! Release Date

Is Chancellor Ryo Fui ready to take the shot at capturing the Middle Kingdom? Well, the answer will only be found in Kingdom Season 4 Episode 21. The episode is lined up with a final release date for this week. And the good news is that there is no break in the release. So, last time, it was seen that Ryo was considering a plan to take his forces into the Middle Kingdom. However, he could not do so as he did not have the final plan for it. Here is everything you need to know about the next episode.

The next episode will begin with a courtroom scene. Ryo Fui will gather the best of war men to forge a plan of attack. But before that, he must also discuss this plan with the Kings at Zhao. Only after the plan is approved and the reinforcements are sent will the plan get the final nod.

The title of the next episode of Kingdom will be “Our Only Shot At Victory.” This title refers to the act of conquering the Middle Kingdom. And the only man interested in doing so is Chancellor Ryo. The road to victory for Zhao is through the Middle Kingdom. This is one of the fattest chunks of land that lie between the territories of Zhao and Qin. Once captured, the entryway to Qin will be open with wide gates.

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Kingdom Season 4 Episode 21 will open with Fui coming up with just the right strategy to commence an attack of this magnitude. Moreover, Sou Jou will come back to the screens to stand beside the chancellor. However, these are mere bets that might not be true once the episode is released. Only the next episode will give away the answers to the viewers.

The final act of the chapter was in the courtroom of Qin. The old man shared with Fui that the war was a futile affair. Soldiers are not the ones benefitting from it. In fact, no one gets any good from the lethal fights. The chapter came to an end with Chancellor Ryo being asked about how he was going to face the middle Kingdom.

The next two days will build quite some curiosity for the fans looking forward to the final war. So, there is no break in the release of this episode. The final premiere of Kingdom Season 4 Episode 21 will be on August 28, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the outings only on Funimation’s official pages. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily’s homepage for more intel about this!

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