Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Chapter 121: Shiraishi & Kubo In A Relationship? Release Date

Shiraishi finally made some friends, and they visited his house for the first time. But it was Kubo who made him worried. She started behaving like him. Well, she had never drank coffee in her life since Shiraishi was drinking it, so she decided to give it a try. But it isn’t the end. Shiraishi will continue to deal with the dilemma in Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Chapter 121. Here is all you need to know about the newest chapter!

In the 121st chapter, Shiraishi and his friends will continue playing a little longer. As for Kubo, she will continue to behave like Shiraishi. Shiraishi will wonder what is wrong with her. But everything will change the following morning. She will save a seat for him, leading to a blossoming relationship.

In the following chapter, Shiraishi and his friend will continue playing board games, and soon Seita will join them. They will enjoy their time together. But it will be late, so Shiraishi’s mom will bring food with her for his friend. They will appreciate his mom’s efforts and enjoy rice curry and ramen. However, Kubo will continue to mimic Shiraishi. She will put some beans on her ramen just like Shiraishi, although it will taste awful. But this will make Shiraishi wonder what’s happening with Kubo and why she behaves like this.

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Despite his constant efforts, their conversation will be interrupted by their friends. Soon the day will come to its end, and everyone will take their departure. The next day, Kubo will be waiting for Shiraishi. She will save a seat for Shiraishi next to her. However, he will be uncomfortable after learning this. But soon, he will try to overcome his shyness and sit beside Kubo. It will be the start of their relationship. Kubo will try her best to give Shiraishi hints about her feelings. But he will focus more on others trying to talk about Kubo’s feelings and her crush.

She even revealed that she had bought plenty of drinks and snacks for everyone. She was excited that she would finally see his friend. But meantime, she didn’t want to interfere in their business. It left her in a dilemma. But before they could talk about his friends arrived at the doorstep. They thanked Shiraishi’s mom for everything and ended up playing a board game.

Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Chapter 121 will release on August 17, 2022, on Viz Media. It will follow an even release date schedule. The upcoming chapter will focus on the blossoming relationship between Shiraishi and Kubo. They will finally start expressing their feelings for each other. But will Shiraishi make a move? The Anime Daily will update you soon.

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