Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Chapter 56: Mao’s Next Quest! Release Date

Mao finally finds her way to the palace, and now she will learn more about etiquette in Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Chapter 56. So far, she had tried her best to win the majesty’s trust. But it’s a long way to go as the majesty didn’t like women with flat chests. Well, the way how she entered the palace was incredible. She managed to showcase her wit and also impressed the old man. No one had imagined that at such a small age, she would be able to clear the shrine. But she proved everyone wrong. Here is everything you need to know before reading the next text.

Now in the upcoming chapter, she will work hard to uncover the mystery behind Shin and her knowledge of medicine. She will get involved in this mystery, but Jinshi will ask for her time out. He will show her the entire palace, and soon her training will begin. Keep reading further to know more about the outing.

Mao Mao will try to uncover the mystery behind the consort Rifa and Gyokuyou. She believed that someone had taught Shin how to create the poison. Shin isn’t a person who might possess knowledge in medicine. So perhaps there’s someone behind this who wants to abort the emperor’s baby. The person doesn’t want the kingdom to grow. So in Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Chapter 56, Mao will work on this mystery to unearth who’s this person.

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Soon the other consort will learn that Rifa is also pregnant, just like the consort Gyokuyou. Meanwhile, Jinshi will meet Mao and give her a trip to the palace. He will try to teach her about the palace and the rankings. Shortly Mao will get her training to become a proper consort. The old man will assign her a teacher. She had never thought that the training would be too difficult. Mao will be trained in different parameters. Meanwhile, she will pursue her solo quest to find the person behind the murder of the king’s baby.

Previously in Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Chapter 55, Jinshi saw a nightmare about his father. He appeared in his dream and looked terribly ill, but his grandmother appeared in time and took him away. Jinshi woke up suddenly and seemed scared of his nightmare. He recalled that in the past, he thought his brother was his father, and nobody knew about his secret. Since he woke up early, he decided to exercise a bit. Soon the scene shifted to Mao Mao.

She had now become an important member of the inner palace. Thanks to her wit, she secured a place in the palace. But everyone wasn’t glad about her appearance. They were later tasked to capture some bugs and insects for their assignment. It left her wondering why Consort Rifa started wearing perfume. She believed that perhaps she was pregnant with the emperor’s child, and this was a way to indicate it.

Kusuriya No Hitorigoto follows an even release date pattern. The all-new chapters are released monthly. So the 56th chapter will release on August 13, 2022. It will be available to read on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao page. It will finally deal with Mao’s future and how she will work to become a consort. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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