Lightning Degree Chapter 129: Ryuyeon’s Revenge For Loss! Release Date

Fans are super-hyped to read Lightning Degree Chapter 129, which is lined up with a proper release date for this week. In the story so far, Ryuyeon has managed to fight with the great martial artists and also defeated them. But fighting with the gentle sword dragon won’t be easy. However, fans are rooting for his victory, but it seems like his life will take a drastic turn, leaving him in a jolting state. Will Ryuyeon return to compete with his opponent? Thus, here is everything to know about the next outing.

Now in the 129th chapter, Ryuyeon will find himself in a terrible position. His nose will be bleeding, and he will soon fall to the ground. Soon the help will arrive, and the match will reschedule. Meanwhile, the administration will investigate the matter thoroughly. Keep reading to know more.

Young master Hyoryeong revealed that Dan Mokwoo from the small sects and eight great families coalition broke into Ryuyeon’s room. The administration was searching for their intention. However, a person from a small sect met with Ryuyeon and offered him some spirit pills. Instead of examining them, he took those pills before the match. Now it seems like he will stumble and fall, and Cheon will win the match without much hustle.

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Everyone will be surprised to see this. Ryuyeon’s nose will be bleeding, so he will be taken to the infirmary soon. Cheon will be surprised but reveal that a small sects person offered them two spirit pills. Young master Hyoryeong will investigate this matter and ultimately discover that Dan Mokwoo is behind this. So he will tell the great sword sovereign and be ready for the rematch when Ryuyeon recovers.

Instead of listening to Heok’s words, Ryuyeon decided to see Lady Na, who had just won the match. He congratulated her, and she talked to him politely, to everyone’s surprise. Cheon seemed amazed to see Lady Na chatting to Ryuyeon when she had never talked to a man before. Later Ryuyeon asked her to come to see his match, and she accepted his offer. Later that night, small sects and eight great family coalition members arrived and offered spirit pills to Cheon and Ryuyeon. Cheon rejected the offer, but Ryuyeon decided to take them and asked Cheon to take them too. But he handed him his pills, and Ryuyeon consumed them too.

Lightning Degree doesn’t follow an even release pattern. So it’s quite tricky to guess when the upcoming chapter will release. But we expect chapter 128th to soon release on July 24, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manhwa only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. At last, stay in touch with The Anime Daily for more updates on the same.

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