Lightning Degree Chapter 130: Will It Ever Return? Release Date & More!

Lightning Degree Chapter 130 has lost the support of the fans due to the delay. There is no information on the release of the manhwa chapter. Moreover, the next chapter is an important chapter that should have a release on time. However, the publishers are not ready to give any updates about the manhwa. All that the readers can hope about manhwa is that there is soon an outing regarding the manhwa.

The next chapter will be pandora’s box for the readers. However, there is no sense in revealing those secrets if they do not come out on time. It has been more than a month, and there is no news on the next chapter. The fans went berserk for some time at the start of the delay. However, they are starting to lose hope and don’t want to talk about it. Check out more details on the manhwa delay in the article below

As of now, there is no lead on the Lightning Degree Chapter 130. There were some rumors about the issues and clashes between the artists and publishers. It seems that those rumors are coming back to reality. The manhwa has been delayed for over a month, and there is no coming back for the publishers. There is certainly some loss of readers for the publishers.

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Moreover, the officials are unwilling to speak anything about it. It is not clear why officials are so tight-lipped about it. It seems that there is much more to this delay issue than it looks like. But the public believes what it sees or hears. It would be better for the publishers of the manhwa to disclose any update that can pacify the anger of the readers.

It does not seem like that Ryuyeon is taking the fight seriously. He has already figured out some mysterious activities in the palace. So, he would not be completely involved in the fight with Hwi. But the case of Lady Na is most worrisome for Ryuyeon. He must find out what she is up to. She hid something from Ryuyeon in the previous chapter. However, Ryuyeon figured out that she was up to something.

Lightning Degree Chapter 130 does not seem to appear this week. The publishers might come out next month with some updates. But for now, this month did not come up with any info on the next chapter of the manhwa. Stay tuned with Anime Daily for more updates regarding the status of the manhwa and manga outings!

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