Lightning Degree Chapter 131: How Will Ryuyeon Defeat Hwi? Release Date & More

Lightning Degree Chapter 131 will reveal the winner of Ryuyeon and Hwi’s fight. The previous chapter of the manhwa started the fight between Bi Ryuyeon and Hwi Jicheon. However, Ryuyeon has not revealed a single trace of his power in the previous chapter. The elders think that he possesses some different kinds of martial arts other than song arts. But Ryuyeon is currently sparring with his song arts only.

The next chapter of the manhwa will be a deciding chapter of the battle. Hwi is already feeling dizzy about his condition and cannot detect his attacks properly. On the other hand, Ryuyeon is just defending the attacks from Jicheon. He did even launch a single attack on Jicheon. So most probably, Ryuyeon will take the title of the winner in the end. Check out the article below for more info on the manhwa!

Lightning Degree Chapter 131 might reveal the way Ryuyeon will defeat Hwi. It can be said for sure that Hwi could not be able to defeat in the match. He just blindly launched the Sword Qi attacks on Ryuyeon. However, Ryuyeon escapes every attack from Jicheon. Moreover, Jicheon is not reading the pattern or movement of Ryuyeon. He is just following Ryuyeon without any thought.

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The other thing is that fight must come to an end at a certain point. Then Ryuyeon has to launch an attack to defeat Jicheon in the match. The effect was becoming clear in the previous match. But the main question is why Ryuyeon was looking at Yurine. It seems that both of them have a connection with each other. However, Yurine has not realized it yet.

Hwi Jicheon went berserk and started launching attacks on Ryuyeon. His attacks were clearly implying that his intention was to kill Ryuyeon at every cost. However, Ryuyeon was playing his song on his instrument. He was simply dodging all the Sword Qi attacks from Jicheon. In the end, the lines from Ryuyeon’s song came on the panel, which seemed to be dedicated to Yurin.

The release of the Lightning Degree manhwa is not running according to the schedule. Moreover, the chapters are releasing previously after a span of one month. From that perspective, Lightning Degree Chapter 131 will release on October 2, 2022. Stay in touch with The Anime DAily to get instant updates regarding the release of the manhwa!

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