Lightning Degree Chapter 132: Fall Of Cheon’s Will! Release Date & More!

Lightning Degree Chapter 132 is not so hopeful in terms of the plot. The previous chapter ruined the theories and perceptions that prevailed on the internet. Moreover, there were theories that Rin might recall everything from her memories of the past. But nothing happened, and Rin perceived a false story from Ryuyeon’s song in the arena. It seems that Ryuyeon’s efforts went in vain.

The next chapter might witness the final fall of the fighter Cheon. Ryuyron has given the message he wanted to give to Ryuyeon with a song. Now he will focus on the conclusive fight with Cheon. He must eliminate Cheon as soon as possible and attend the meeting with Rin. Moreover, she might not get to him if Ryuyeon loses this chance also. Read the following text for info on the upcoming chapter of the manhwa!

The most probable chances in Lightning Degree Chapter 132 are of Cheon’s surrender. The fact supporting this statement is that Cheon was not able to fight even when Ryuyeon was not launching any physical attack. Moreover, things might get bad for Cheon if Ryuyeon decides to go all out on Cheon in the upcoming chapter of the manhwa.

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The chapters of the manhwa are quite long, so Ryuyeon might also get the chance to meet Rin in the next chapter. He must figure things out with Rin and let her know the truth. However, there is not a single way right now that can bring Rin back to her love Ryuyeon. But there must be a way to remind Rin of the past life incidents again.

But the scene then again shifted to the arena where the fight was taking place. Rin concluded from all those memories that Ryuyeon might be the disciple of YeonBi. However, she did not know that the story was something else. Cheon was getting frustrated and was vomiting blood due to Sound arts from Ryuyeon. However, Cheon has gone serious, and Ryuyeon needs to finish him quickly.

Lightning Degree Chapter 132 will be out on September 23, 2022. The manhwa is ten days delayed from its original schedule. Moreover, it has also faced a one-month delay in the previous month. The latest chapters will be available to read on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Keep checking the articles from The Anime Daily for the regular feed!

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