Lightning Degree Chapter 132: The End To Ryuyeon’s Fight! Release Date & More!

Lightning Degree Chapter 132 might not be as interesting as the previous one was. Everyone was hoping that the previous chapter might make Rin remember her past. However, it did not go as everyone expected. She thinks that YeonBi was the one who taught Ryuyeon that song. But the fight is still not over yet. Cheon is not ready to give up so easily.

The next chapter of the manhwa will explore the connection of YeonBi with Ryuyeon. However, the truth is still in the dark. Moreover, Rin does not remember anything as she has lost her past memories. Both of them might be the same person who got combined due to any magic. However, there are still hopes that Rin will get her memory back. Let’s get to the plot for the upcoming chapter of the manhwa!

Lightning Degree Chapter 132 will be a search episode for nothing. Rin will be searching for truth in the upcoming chapter, which is not even present there. Ryuyeon and Yeonbi happened due to a magic curse. However, Rin cannot find the real truth unless she gets her memories back. The song could be the biggest triggering factor for Rin.

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However, she could not grab that moment. There must be some problem with her. On the other hand, Cheon becomes hyper-aggressive to win the match. But he does not know that Ryuyeon is on par with his current potential. He can easily knock out Cheon. However, Ryuyeon was going easy, not to scare Rin and bring her memories back.

The panel then again shifted back to Ryuyeon. Rin started thinking that YeonBi might have taught that song to Ryuyeon. However, it is not the truth. Ryuyeon continued and made Cheon vomit blood with the help of Sound Arts and Inner Qui. However, he could not succeed soon as Cheon rose up again. He launched multiple attacks on Ryuyeon. The next chapter will continue from this point.

Lightning Degree Chapter 132 will release on September 13, 2022. The next chapter might create the possibility of alone time for Rina and Ryuyeon. The manhwa will increase much longer if the memories of Rina do not come back. Keep checking The Anime Daily for more such updates regarding the manhwa!

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