Lightning Degree Chapter 134: Danger On Ryuyeon! Release Date & More!

Lightning Degree Chapter 134 wil cast another danger on Ryuyeon. The previous chapter invoked various debates among the martial arts community regarding Ryuyeon. The last attack of Ryuyeon was so powerful that all the eyes of the judges were looking at Ryuyeon for some kind of mischief. Moreover, Ryuyeon’s teacher Yerin might not use her secret fighting style in front of him.

The upcoming chapter will disclose the specialty of Ryuyeon’s fighting style. Moreover, the high authorities and judges in the tournament have double thoughts about Ryuyeon’s fighting style. It seems that only old fighters like the Saints are aware of Ryuyeon’s technique part from Ryuyeon himself. Check out the following article to get detailed information about the plot of the next chapter!

The Lightning Degree Chapter 134 will put Ryuyeon in a lot of danger. The defeat of Cheon in the previous chapter has raised a lot of enemies for Ryuyeon. So they are after him to get the idea of the fast attack of Ryuyeon. Moreover, the mentor of the lead character asked Ryuyeon to display the fighting style in slow motion. But it seems that Yerin was peeping at them.

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She might even use her secret fighting style on Ryuyeon in the upcoming chapter. The main reason behind this theory is that she is taking Ryuyeon as the challenger in the manhwa. So there is hope that she will surely confront the fighter in the next chapter. On the other hand, three saints might get something after searching the history of Dark martial arts.

However, the scene then shifted and transferred to the Ice Phoenix headquarters. The leader of the secret advised Yerin not to use the secret fighting style of the clan while teaching Ryuyeon. Moreover, she warned Yerin that Ryuyeon is stronger than her, so she did not need to spar with her. On the other hand, Ryuyeon’s mentor has called him for an urgent talk at night.

The manhwa has again gone on delay after running according to schedule for a few weeks. The latest chapter of the manhwa is already a week late than the original schedule. Lightning Degree Chapter 134 will come out on October 14, 2022. Keep yourself posted with the latest manhwa updates on one and only The Anime Daily!

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