Love All Play Episode 15: New Players, New Competition! Release Date

Love All Play never failed to surprise the fans, and now that a year has passed, things will be different in Love All Play Episode 15. Last we saw a power-packed performance by Mizushima. But despite his best move, he was lacking something. Hana helped detect it and helped him become stronger. Now he will work on himself as well as the new students.

In the 15th episode, everyone will enter their sophomore run. It will be thrilling for them to deal with new talents and teach them about badminton. As for Mizushima, he will continue to grow to fight with his old nemesis. Meanwhile, Yuusuke will try his hand at something different. Keep reading to know more.

Finally, Mizushima and the rest of his classmates enter their sophomore run in Love All Play Episode 15, titled “Seniors.” It is surprising and thrilling for them as a new batch of students will join them. Now they are seniors and have to behave like this. Mizushima and the twin brothers will work on the orientation ceremony and teach the players some basic things about badminton. Meanwhile, Mizushima will continue to work on his skills.

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This is because he aims to beat Misaki, his old friend/nemesis with whom he used to play his middle school match. Mizushima will wait for a face-off with Misaki and work hard to perfect his counterattack. It will be breathtaking to see how far Mizushima will go to perfect himself. Meanwhile, Yuusuke will work on his doubles skills. It will be quite difficult for him, but the twin brothers will help him out.

While everyone was practicing, Hana remembered the final match and Mizushima counterattack. However, Hana interfered with their training session. Mizushima was concerned about his team. The following day, Sakai came in a new hairstyle, but sadly Highashiyama twins ruined it. The twins were in high spirit but remained surprised to see Mizushima practicing alone. Later that day, Yuusuke invited everyone for dinner, but the team rejected it. But surprisingly, when he invited Hana, everyone accepted his dinner offer.

Love All Play Episode 15, titled “Seniors,” will air on July 16, 2022, on Japanese local networks such as NTV and ytv. You can also catch it on Crunchyroll. Mizushima will deal with the new phase in his life and work hard to fight his old nemesis. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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