Love All Play Episode 20: Mizushima Vs. Yusa! Release Date

Mizushima had self-doubt in the previous episode, which made him go against the law. However, Ebihara asked him to focus on himself and have a break from his routine. It helped him learn more about his opponent and his skills. Well, Mizushima is growing and undoubtedly will become stronger in Love All Play Episode 20. But he’s going against Yusa, so he needs to be better prepared for that. Will he leave a good impression on Yusa? Keep reading to know more.

In the 20th episode, Akira will help Mizushima work on his skills. He will show Mizushima his weak points and playing technique, which will greatly help. Soon the tournament will begin, and everyone will give their best shot to win the match. Will Mizushima fight against Yusa? Well, everybody is waiting for that moment, and soon it will come in the following episode.

In the following episode, Mizushima will focus on his strength. He knows it’s hard to defeat Yusa, especially when he’s determined to win every match. So instead of focusing on Yusa, he will decide to focus on his strength and weakness. In which Akira could be a great help. He will tell to help Mizushima to get properly trained. Akira will focus on Mizushima’s badminton techniques, his shots, and weak points. So with Akira’s help, Mizushima will try to overcome his flaws.

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Everyone will be excited about the Inter-high school tournament. It will begin with the twin brothers, who defeat their opponent in a single shot. Matsuda will play against Obazaki and secure a place in the match. But Mizushima will be a little nervous as he doesn’t want to lose this match. Soon it will be a face-off between Yusa and Mizushima, and they will give each other a tough fight. Now it remains unclear who will win the match.

Although he listened to her words, he was still lost in his thought. Soon when Mizushima tried to enter the school, his coach Ebihara arrived and told him to take a break from the practice. Mizushima seemed shocked and tried to defend himself, but his coach suspended him. It broke Mizushima’s morale. While lost in his thought, he came across Yusa’s past matches video. From there, he realized that Yusa had never lost a single match since middle school. During this time, he saw Yusa’s other opponent and decided to speak to him.

Yusa’s opponent told him that Yusa promised Ebihara to win every match, whether a tournament or a practice match. That’s why he was unbeatable. But he encouraged Mizushima to keep going and never lose hope. Later Mizushima apologized to Ebihara and everyone for his behavior and had a practice match with Akira. He seemed to enjoy his practice session, which made everyone happy for him. Soon Hana told him that it was his strength. He enjoys badminton more than anyone else.

Love All Play Episode 20 will air on Saturday, August 20, 2022, at 5.30 pm JST. It will be available on Crunchyroll. The following episode will focus on Mizushima’s character arc and how well he will perform in the tournament. Will he win against Yusa? It remains unclear, but The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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