Made In Abyss Season 2 Episode 8: Irumyuui’s Grave Sacrifice! Release Date

Irumyuui saved everyone’s life by sacrificing herself, and she will continue to do this in Made In Abyss Season 2 Episode 8. Thanks to Irumyuui, Vueko is now alright and is healing from her sickness. However, the fact that she’s been eating Irumyuui’s kid horrifies her and Belaf. He wants to die as he can’t stand this madness. Will he die? But Wazukyan seems to enjoy killing Irumyuui’s kids for the sake of his prophecy. Will this end soon? Let’s find out all the answers.

In the eighth episode, Vueko will learn more about the Cradle of Desire and how it greatly impacted Irumyuui. She will continue to give birth to her kids, who will help the villagers to get healed from their sickness. However, Vueko will find it awkward and tries to console Irumyuui, who will transform soon in order to help everyone.

The following episode, “The Form The Wish Takes,” will focus on Irumyuui and how her wish changes everything. It opens up with Belaf, who continues to scratch his eyes. He keeps on hurting himself despite Vueko’s attempt to stop him. He doesn’t want to live and end his life as he believes that he’s the reason behind Irumyuui’s sadness. While Vueko tries to deal with the situation, Wazukyan asks her to follow him.

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He reveals that Irumyuui keeps on giving birth even when Vueko is asleep. But Vueko remains disoriented after seeing Irumyuui in such a situation. She’s not able to speak now. Her body is completely deformed. However, Vueko left surprised when Wazukyan picked her living child to cook it. Vueko tries to communicate with Irumyuui and spots another egg of Cradle in her pit. It left her questioning Wazukyan’s intention.

Soon Irumyuui starts to grow, and everyone starts worshiping her. She even absorbs the flying creature to save the villagers from becoming their meal. However, Belaf is upset and offers himself to calm her down. But it leads to his transformation, and soon everyone starts finding shelter inside Irumyuui, which leads to their transformation. As for Vueko she finds herself in the darkness. Irumyuui finally gives birth to Faputa, who is eager to destroy the village to free her mother.

While fetching water, Wazukyan spotted the food survey team deformed and dead and found a small egg-life object around them. Soon they learned that the water they were drinking was a parasitic organism that reproduces in their intake. Now they had a short time to figure out its cure. Later they learned that this egg-like object was known as the Cradle of Desire, which granted people’s deepest wishes leading to deform the individual. However, the pseudo water severely affected Irumyuui, so the Sages decided to give her the Cradle to grant her wish and save them all.

While she woke up better, her body soon started deforming with time. Then one day, she gave birth to a creature who was born without internal organs and died. Vueko realized that her deepest desire was to have children. She continuously births and loses her children, feeling immense grief. Eventually, Vueko got sick, too, but Wazukyan fed her a broth that miraculously healed her. She soon realized that she ate Irumyuui’s dead children, and that’s how Irumyuui saved them all.

Made In Abyss Season 2 Episode 8, titled “The Form The Wish Takes,” will air on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 11.30 pm JST. The all-new episode follows a weekly release schedule and is available on HIDIVE. It will focus on Irumyuui’s last wish and how things changed after. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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