Me And Robocco Anime Reveals Cast And Theme Song! Release Date, Plot Details & More

Everybody wishes to have their little robot. Better yet, everybody wishes to have a robot that works for them. If you have ever wished for a robot like that, this upcoming anime might be for you! The Me And Robocco anime is finally coming out soon! And fans cannot get enough of it. The latest announcement of the anime brings extremely exciting updates for all. Let us jump right into the details of it.

Me And Robocco, as the name suggests, is about a robot and the main character. Shonen Jump has published a manga of the same name. Currently, it has a total of seven volumes. On October 26, 2021, the first volume was released. How excited are you to meet this funky robot? Now, wait till you find out more surprises about him. So, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding this shonen comedy series at the moment. Keep reading to find out more.

A new visual has been released for Shuhei Miyazaki’s anime Robocco And Me, which is based on the manga Me & Robocco. This new promotional video features the show’s animation, gags, voice actors, and, most importantly, the theme song! Gang Parade will be composing a theme song with the title “lol.” Could this anime series get any funnier? Plus, there are several voice actors who are sure to make your tummy hurt if you watch Robocco And Me anime. Among the cast are comedians Matsuo, Minami Tsuda, M.A.O, and many more!

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Akitaro Daichi will direct the series, Michihiro Sato will serve as assistant director, and Sayuri Ooba will write the scripts. Furthermore, Yuko Ebara and Yoshihiro Sato will oversee the design aspects. In addition to the vast team, there are also high expectations for this series. 

Thus, this funny anime is set to release on December 5, 2022 at 00:30 (JST). Be sure to keep your alarms ready for the release of Me And Robocco Anime. So, do not miss out on this funny and quirky robot maid, as the episodes are only five minutes each. Therefore, to meet robots like Robocco and for further details, check The Anime Daily Intel for more updates.

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