Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 94: Ijin’s First Gay Encounter! Release Date

This is the week where fans will be able to meet with characters from Ijin’s past once again. In the last outing, the lady agent was sure that Ijin was the missing agent 001. For them, the man had died way back in the bombing attack. Even a body was recovered. However, as time passed by, the mysterious attacks did not come to an end. And so, the man has resurfaced once again. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 94 brings more layers and details to this plot. Thus, here is everything to know about the chapter.

In the upcoming storyline, fans will be able to catch up with Ijin’s internal struggles. Even though he does not remember much of his past, there are mysterious flashes that he cannot deal with. Those flashes might come in front of him in this installment.

The next chapter of Mercenary Enrollment is going to be filled with a lot of action. The lady agent who was sent to assassinate the infamous guard from the SW group ended up finding out that the man was none other than agent 001. And now, she has an even stronger resolve to kill the man. But she would not be opting for a direct kill before knowing the entire truth of what happened on the night of the raid.

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The conversation will take up most of the chapter. But unfortunately, she would not find anything as Ijin had lost most of his memories after the raid. This fight will not trouble Ijin as much as the encounter with the man from his past will. The MC is sure to be stuck in one of the most uncomfortable gay encounters of his life.

The new man seemed to know Ijin from the past. He explained that he got help from the boy three years ago. But his demeanor only projected that he was trying to flirt with the mercenary agent. After the meeting, Ijin went down to walk by himself. The chapter came to an end with Ijin getting attacked by the lady agent on the streets.

The next chapter of Teenage Mercenary will continue all parts of the manhwa that had been left behind without much conclusion. So, from the love life of the MC to the arrival of the main villain, all are expected to come to the surface. So, Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 94 will release this week on July 16, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manhwa only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Keep an eye on this corner to get all the updates of the same.

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