My Hero Academia Chapter 356: All For One Attacks To Kill Everyone, Endeavor Returns! Release Date

In My Hero Academia Chapter 356, Endeavor will finally return to his senses and give All For One a tough fight. In the previous chapter, All For One succeeded in hitting Endeavor, leaving him in an unconscious state. But Hawks tried his best to protect him. He asked Tsukuyomi to help Endeavor while Earphone Jack used her power to defeat All For One.

Now in the upcoming chapter, Jirou, Tsukuyomi, Earphone Jack, and Hawks manage to destroy All For One’s mask. But it isn’t the end. All For One regained his mobility and will give them a tough fight. But someone will return to help them in My Hero Academia Chapter 356. Meanwhile, Endeavor will visit his past.

The upcoming chapter will start with Tsukuyomi hitting All For One with a new attack called Black Ankh Ragnarok: Fleeting. Soon Hawks will join Tsukuyomi and mock that All For One was foolish to believe that they were only trying to buy some time for Endeavor. On the other end, All For One realized he was hit because of Jirou’s sound-based attack. It impaired his Vibration and Infrared Quirks. Now Hawks will try his best to kill All For One once and for all.

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However, All For One regained his control by devouring the consciences of Quirks from the vestige world. After regaining his mobility, he charges an attack. He uses sharp blades to hit everyone. While Hawks tries to protect Jirou and Tsukuyomi, those blades help All For One to put his mask back. But Endeavor regains his power and returns to the battle in My Hero Academia Chapter 356. There’s also speculation that he hallucinated that he confronted his younger self which helped him regain his power.

However, All For One commented that they shouldn’t have to waste their time here. But it was a part of a plan to help Endeavor recover and buy some time. All For One shot Earphone Jack, but Hawks used his feathers to push her upwards. So Hawks smashed All For One’s mask with his feathers and cited that he wouldn’t let them live. Later, Dark Shadow appeared and asked Earphone Jack whether she was alright. Tsukuyomi told her to use Quirk to crack the mask.

Finally, after a long break, My Hero Academia will be back. It will be released on the Viz Media website on June 19, 2022. It will finally reveal the fate of All For One. Will Endeavor kill him and end this chapter? Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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