My Hero Academia Chapter 359: Will Bakugo Escape From Death! Release Date & More!

My Hero Academia Chapter 359 has increased the heartbeat of anime fans. The overwhelming fight at the end of the last previous chapter raised many opinions on the internet. However, the recent leaks on the upcoming chapter of the manga made some fans emotional. These disturbing images ruined the mood of the Bakugo fans for the upcoming chapter. The fans are literally pleading on the internet to save the life of their favorite character, Bakugo. However, the story will reveal only after the release of the next chapter of the manga.

The last chapter was filled with intense fighting scenes of heroes, Shigaraki and All For One. The fighting gives chills to the heroes. However, the ending of the previous chapter ended with a cliffhanger. This has led to many theories which have landed on the internet since the release of the previous outing. The fate of Bakugo after the last ending seems dubious to the fans. The critics have claimed that the manga’s plot point will take a sharp turn after this. Let’s move ahead to the deep analysis of the possible theories of the upcoming manga Chapter!

There were some leaks about the My Hero Academia Chapter 359. The leaks came out on July 13, 2022. One of the leaked images had the half-burned face of the protagonist Bakugo. However, there is no confirmation about the death of Bakugo. But the internet users barraged Twitter with comments about saving the Bakugo. The ending of the previous outing was a cliffhanger where Bakugo attacked the main body of All For One. However, it seems that it barely managed to harm Tomura and All For One.

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Bakugo has tried all of his power. So his power is completely exhausted, and his right part is burnt due to the last attack. However, Tomura will not forgive Bakugo for his intention of causing harm to All For One. The other threat to the heroes is Katsuki as a pawn for killing Deku. AFO and Tomura are ahead in using Katsuki as a chess piece to eliminate Deku. The lead protagonists of the manga are in peril at this time.

Bakugo rejects Tomura’s talks by giving the example of himself. He laughs over the fear and rejection theory of Shigaraki. This makes Tomura extremely angry, and he attacks Bakugo. Bakugo moves at his full pace and might toward AFO. He finally attacks with his most powerful weapon called Howitzer Cluster Bomb Attack. The manga ends with this cliffhanger which has driven the fans to psychological disturbance.

The much-awaited My Hero Academia Chapter 359 will make its appearance before the anime fans on July 18, 2022. Moreover, all the answers to the questions and theories rushing out on the cloud of Interest will get their destination. Till then, Make sure to visit other articles on The Anime Daily to check more updates on the anime world!

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