My Hero Academia Chapter 363: Dynamight Dies? Release Date

Shigaraki is all over the place, and defeating him becomes challenging for the heroes. He first brutally attacked Bakugo leaving him with no pulse, and now he was laying lifeless. However, it will be hard for the heroes as they will deal with a great loss in My Hero Academia Chapter 363. They will soon mourn over someone’s loss. Will it be Dynamight? Keep reading to know more.

Now in the 363rd chapter, someone will die. It will break the heroes, and they will recall his last words. But they need to move on and will wait for Deku’s next move. Meanwhile, Skeptic will create problems for heroes by failing their communication network. As for Kamino, he will come up stronger to defeat Shigaraki.

In the following chapter, “The Ones Who Defend And The Ones Who Attack,” Monoma will remember Bakugo’s wish for victory. But Jeanist will confirm that Bakugo is dead, which will frustrate Mirio, and he will wait for Deku to return. Meanwhile, Shigaraki will taunt Eraser Head and blame him for his student’s death. Shigaraki will claim that Mirko is next. But instead of being scared, the Rabbit Hero will be furious and state that she has perhaps killed Shigaraki back in Jaku. Shigaraki will agree to this and ask them to attack instead of waiting for Deku.

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Elsewhere, Skeptic has hacked the laboratory and now controlling the All Might’s command from an undisclosed location. He communicates with Shigaraki using the speakers embedded into the Nomus’ neck. However, his attempt was responsible for the heroes’ weak communication. As the chapter moves forward, Fuyumi will take care of the children from the Remedial Courses. The children believe that Katsuki and Shoto will be able to deal with the villains. Back on the battlefield, Dabi will copy Shoto’s technique and survive the final attack. As Dabi steps forward, Burnin asks Shoto to escape.

After then, Shigaraki turned to face Dynamight, who was encouraging Izuku. He blasted forward toward Shigaraki, and his attacks helped him to dodge. Dynamight wondered about his Explosion Quirk and how the Cluster upgrade created a side effect he wasn’t aware of. He tried to save the nitroglycerin-like sweat which put a burden on his palms and finally found another way to leak out of his body, increasing his speed. But sadly, Shigaraki punched Dynamight in his chest, and his heart stopped beating. Best Jeanist tried to help him when Dynamight was lying lifeless on the ground.

My Hero Academia Chapter 363, titled “The Ones Who Defend And The Ones Who Attack,” will release on August 22, 2022. It will be available on the Viz. The next chapter will be painful for the fans as one of the main characters will die, breaking everyone’s morale. It is difficult for Heroes to deal with the villains. Will they end up losing the battle? Don’t fret. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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