My Hero Academia Chapter 366: Ready To Release? Launch Date & More!

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 might witness the revival of Bakugo. However, the previous chapter was quite controversial due to the actions of Edgeshot. If he fixes Bakugo’s inner organs, then he will live inside him with his quirk. So, Bakugo will live until Edgeshot lives. That will be quite a serious situation. Moreover, the city will lose two heroes at one time.

The next chapter of the manga will also be about Shigaraki’s power surge. His powers have been overactive lately. Moreover, his original power is laying pressure on the other quirks of Shigaraki. It seems that the powers are bringing him grief and sadness. The life of Bakugo is still in the hands of Edgeshot. Let’s jump right on to the details regarding the upcoming chapter of the manga!

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 will be a fight for Bakugo’s survival. Edgeshot is trying his best to revive Bakugo. However, Shigaraki does not seem to let him do this. It seems that he is getting some bad vibes from Bakugo. Edgeshots powers might increase the quirk level of Bakugo. That’s why Shigaraki is terrified about the revival of Bakugo.

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However, sad news might be approaching the heroes in the next chapter of the manga. Mirko’s hand is gone, and she is barely holding up with her prosthetic hand and legs. However, she must get to the hospital on time. Still, she is fighting every enemy with the help of Best Jeanist and his quirk. It will be worth watching if Bakugo can make it in time.

He launched fierce attacks on heroes targeting Bakugo. However, Mirko got in his way and damaged her arm in an attempt to save the heroes. Best Jeanist fixed her, and she is still fighting on the scene. But Shigaraki’s powers are going out of control. He is losing control over all of them. Moreover, his grief is again surfacing over his quirks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 will release on September 20, 2022. The upcoming chapter will be going to clear a lot of confusion regarding Bakugo. After two week break, fans can’t wait to read the manga. It will be available to read on the official site of Viz, Manga Plus, and Shonen. Don’t forget to visit The Anime Daily for more info on the upcoming chapters of the manga!

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