My Isekai Life Episode 13: The Purifier! Release Date & More!

My Isekai Life Episode 13 might be a possibility for now, but its chances do not seem less. The previous episode was full of action and amazing magic moves from Yuji. The final fight between Sage and Yuji was quite good. Both of their powers had a drastic effect on each other. However, Yuji emerged victorious in the end and finished the apocalypse.

The My Isekai Life Episode 13 might be a conclusive episode if it comes out. Most probably, it will cover the popularity of Yuji in the new town that he entered. The counselor Meggie was able to recognize Yuji as a magic-wielding Tamer in that city. Moreover, the plans of Blue Moon Salvation are still not over. They are preparing something dangerous to finish the world in one blow. Read out the article below for more details!

There are absolutely fewer possibilities for My Isekai Life Episode 13. However, the hopes are still high. The previous episode did not end the way that fans wanted it to. Yuji did not get the fame that he should have gotten in the end. He left the city of Obsdarion for a reasonable cause. However, the people of Dryad and Kilia are still waiting for him.

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Another plot point for the next episode is the new game plan of Blue Moon Salvation. It seems that the previous plan was a trivial matter for this organization. They are planning something big for their next attack. It seems to be a Purifier with a lot of Dragon Ruin that can destroy the whole world in just a single beam.

He lent some power to the fighters and drank Dryad Mana restorative. It brought his magic back as it was ten minutes ago. He again launched the Heaven strike attack on the Sage. It injured the Sage badly. However, he started getting all out in Yuji. So Yui decided to go with a physical attack. He contained the sage in a barrier and launched the divine strike with his knife.

The makers are not quite sure about releasing the My Isekai Life Episode 13. However, there are chances that the second season of the titular anime will return soon to annihilate the Blue Moon Of Salvation. Our team will update this section as soon as any important detail pops out regarding the anime. Till then, keep following The Anime Daily to get each detail on anime and manga!

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