My Isekai Life Episode 9: Yuuji Fights Against A Fire Dragon! Release Date

Yuuji did a brave job by killing the Blue dragons to craft his powerful and unharmed armor. He learned from the guild that the river containing the piranha monster could help him boost his energy. Although he succeeded in killing several dragons, including the piranha monster, he will find himself in a challenging situation in My Isekai Life Episode 9. Which way will he go? The answer lies in the next outing of the following episode!

Now in the ninth episode, several monsters will invade the city as soon as Yuuji heads for his new mission. The Flame Dragon will be on the surface, and Yuuji’s spell will make things worst. Now he needs to decide which way he wants to go, whether to kill the monsters and save his city or acquire the jewel first.

The following episode, “We Fought A Fire Dragon,” hints that Yuuji will deal with another threat. Now Yuuji is on a new quest to collect jewels from a true Flame Dragon. He wants to make his armor stronger to use his dangerous and most powerful spells multiple times. But first, he needs to fight the 10,000 monsters that attacked Phastan. Everyone seems petrified and tries to find a shelter to escape the situation.

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Some guild members will blame Yuuji for this situation. Well, his spell made the dragons come out of their shell and start attacking people. But Yuuji will kill several monsters with his magic and powerful spells. He will finally have a face-off with Flame Dragon. But it won’t be that easy for Yuuji to kill him. To defeat the dragon, Yuuji needs more slimes. So he will try to collect them while the Flame Dragon keeps attacking him.

Yuuji then returned to the guild and was rewarded for killing 202 dragons, piranha, and two blue dragons. With those jewels, Geigel finally made armor for the slimes and Proudwolf, which helped to increase their speed. But he warned Yuuji that his most powerful spells could destroy the armor if overused. Now the only way to make their armor stronger was to use the true Flame Dragon’s jewel, which rarely comes out from the volcano and live in the lava of it. But the same cultist spell made the remaining Lesser dragons go mad and led Flame Dragon to come out of the volcano.

My Isekai Life Episode 9, titled “We Fought A Fire Dragon,” will air on Monday, August 22, 2022, at 8 pm JST. You can catch it on Ani-One-Asia. It will focus on Yuuji’s struggle to acquire another jewel. But before working on his quest, he needs to fight the monsters that invade their city. Will he win the match? Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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