Nano Machine Chapter 111: Search For The Blade God! Release Date

In Nano Machine Chapter 111, the crown prince will try to get to the bottom of this heist. Well, the manga series has dealt with several problems. However, the crown prince somehow managed to deal with them. In the previous chapter also, he had a combat with Sahin Blade Fist Master, and he finally found a way to defeat him. But it wasn’t an end.

Now in the 111th chapter, the heavenly demonic cult will gather to discuss the matter. Well, it isn’t a simple issue; they need to find who’s behind this. Meanwhile, the crown prince will go on a solo mission to unearth this mystery. Keep reading to know more.

After Sahin Blade Fist Master injured the crown prince, he felt it would be easy for him to make the crown prince his hostage. But he appeared surprised after seeing him heal too fast. So he decided to kill him, but the crown prince used his heavenly demonic sword art and killed the fist master. But things aren’t over now. His ally is still in the vault and trying to heist. So the crown prince will head in the vault’s direction and capture him.

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Soon a meeting will take place, and everyone in the heavenly demonic cult will gather in the palace. They will discuss the night and how the crown prince saved their precious treasure. However, the crown prince will work on gathering clues about the heist and why the Blade God’s school students created such a mess. He will torture the first master’s ally and grill him. However, at first, the person will refuse to say a word, but after some torture session, he will reveal everything.

After some bickering moment, they continued their fight. However, Sahin Blade Fist Master again succeeded in hitting the crown prince hard. Later the heavenly demonic cult members appeared on the spot, and the fist master demanded the crown prince to come with him as his hostage. But instead of following his order, the crown prince challenged him to fight with him. So he used Blade God’s 2nd Blade Technique to stop it. The crown prince used 24th demon swords, the 4th technique. However, he failed to stop the master.

Nano Machine follows a weekly release pattern. So chapter 111th will release on June 23, 2022. It will finally explore the reason behind this attack and its connection with the Blade God. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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