Nano Machine Chapter 127: Crown Prince Vs. Lord Yo Jong! Release Date

Things will be crazier in Nano Machine Chapter 127 after the big revelation. Everything was going as per Lord Yo Jong’s plan, and he had been scheming with everyone to keep his plan afloat. Luckily, Crown Prince learns about his betrayal, and now things will go out of control when Crown Prince makes his first move. Keep reading to know more.

The 127th chapter will focus on the new battle between Lord Yo Jong and the young master for the throne. Well, Yo does whatever Cheon tells him to do, ending him in a troublesome position. Will Yo figure it out?

No doubt, Lord Yo Jong will refuse the elders’ decision and decide to take some action against the young master. But the young master knows pretty well that Cheon is playing with Yo’s brain, and now he wants him to turn against his group. So before things go out of his hand, the young master will use his heavenly demon sword to break the spell and save Yo from Cheon’s claws.

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However, it will lead to a war between the young master and Lord Yo. Yo will try his best to break the sword with his dark powers. However, it won’t be easy to fight against the young master, especially when the elders support him. Soon the war will turn out to be one against hundred people, and Yo will realize that it won’t be easy for him to win against the young master. So he may flee from the situation, leaving the throne for the young master.

Surprisingly, he burned his hand while checking the sword and saw a dragon, proving that the sword was real. However, there was a twist. Someone was instructing Yo Jong, and that person was none other than Cheon Yoojung, who died years ago. It was the biggest shocker for everyone as Yo could talk to dead people, and they believed he needed medical help. Meanwhile, Yo’s trusted person announced that the throne now belonged to the young master, which made Yo mad.

It’s time for the young master to shine in Nano Machine Chapter 127, which will be available on October 20, 2022. But it will cost someone’s life. You can catch it on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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