Nano Machine Chapter 129: Crown Prince Wins The Battle? Release Date & More

Crown Prince has seen a lot throughout time. But now is his time to take control in Nano Machine Chapter 129. He has faced the strongest enemy, and now dealing with Lord all by himself will be challenging. But the table will soon turn, giving everyone hope to rebuild their clan. However, some traitors want to continue their fight and let Lord destroy everything. Keep reading to know more.

In the upcoming chapter, Crown Prince will win the battle, leaving Lord covered in blood. But Lord will use another forbidden technique to continue fighting. It will lead to the biggest disaster of time.

Although Crown Prince succeeds in attacking Lord, he shouldn’t forget Lord is still breathing. Crown Prince used the back of his sword to hit Lord, leaving him losing a lot of blood. From the view, it looks like Lord has lost the match, and he won’t be able to live more. But the voices in his head continue to guide him. He hears that he should kill Crown Prince and his followers to take revenge for losing his family.

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However, Lord will remain confused and in pain. The voice again hints that he can use the divine blood reversal gathering technique to heal himself. Instead of accepting his loss, Lord will use that technique to fight against Crown Prince. Though this technique will help Lord heal again, it will make him go crazy. Now he won’t be able to determine what’s right and will continue to hit everyone who comes his way.

It was the perfect moment for Crown Prince to attack Lord, who was struggling to stay focused. The demonic reversal technique had started corrupting his brain. But despite this, he was still focusing on Crown Prince. Meanwhile, the people out there started believing that Lord was incapable of dealing with Crown Prince and that he should leave his position. Back to the fight, Crown Prince headed towards Lord, but Lord threw concrete pieces to stop Crown Prince. However, Crown Prince slashed it with one hit, and with one blow, he won the battle, leaving Lord on the ground.

Lord Yo will lose his mind, affecting the entire clan. But can Crown Prince handle the situation? As of now, the manhwa hasn’t announced a break. So Nano Machine Chapter 129 will come out on November 5, 2022. You can catch it on Naver Webtoon and Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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