Odd Taxi Stage Play: Premiere Slate Announced! Plot Details & Release Date

Odd Taxi Stage Play seems to be returning after becoming a surprise hit with anime fans last year. After the film’s success earlier this year, news of a prequel has been made public. Currently under production, Odd Taxi anticipates releasing the prequel over the next few months. It will not be an anime, so it will not be available on streaming services. An original stage adaptation of the original Odd Taxi is now in production.

Kadzuya Konomoto, who wrote the scripts for the TV anime and movie Odd Taxi: In the Woods. The members of the future idol group Mystery Kiss are going back to Medium to write their backstory. Odd taxi follows the exploits of Odokawa, a middle-aged walrus taxi driver, and his weird and entertaining clients.

Due to the popularity of the manga and the series’ dramatic season one finale, the anime is likely to be picked up for a second run. There is also a tonne of more content that can be adapted. Not knowing if a second season is actually in the works makes it impossible to predict when we might see a trailer.

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Odokawa, the 41-year-old protagonist of this tale, is a taxi driver who is both quirky and reclusive; he does not have any close blood relatives and keeps to himself. Among his customers is a college student with viral video aspirations, a nurse with much to hide, a failed comic, a street tough, and a rising star. Through these exchanges, he learns of a missing girl. As the chapters progress, the plot thickens, and the events pile up haphazardly, with appearances from every figure who has ever interacted with Odokawa.

Kadzuya Konomoto, who oversaw Odd Taxi: Into the Woods, will reportedly write the play’s scripts. Several aspiring idols band together to establish a music group named Mystery Kiss, the subject of this prequel. Nonoka Yamaguchi, Hitomi Suzuki, Yui Oguri, and Hiyori Hamagishi will be in charge of the project. OMSB, VaVa, and PUNPEE will score the sequel, and Yusei Naruse will return as director.

There isn’t much information available about the film other than its scheduled release date. So it’s unclear whether it will serve as a prequel, sequel, or stand-alone story to the anime. Based on this information, we believe that the third season of Odd Taxi is unlikely to premiere before the end of 2022 and that 2023 is a more reliable prediction. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates only here!

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