One Piece Episode 1025: Chopper Fights Against Queen! Release Date

Queen seems to lose in One Piece Episode 1025. So far, fans have seen Queen winning the game after infecting everyone with his deadly virus. It left everyone’s fate in limbo. Slowly things started getting tenser, and it became difficult for the heroes to deal with this new problem. But no need to fret. This is because Chopper has finally found the cure for this virus.

Chopper will deal with the Queen in the upcoming episode. It will be thrilling to see Chopper launching his biggest and most brutal punch on Queen’s face. As for the heroes, they will fight with the Yonko. But it will be challenging and exciting to see how far they will go to save their people. Keep reading to know more.

This week’s episode will focus more on the Land of Wano and how they deal with the things around them. Meanwhile, Chopper will continue his battle with Queen, and everyone on the Live Floor is cured. Chopper will land his deadliest punch on Queen, and it seems Queen will be losing the match. As for the Akazaya members, they will struggle to fight against Kanjuro. This is because Kanjuro is controlling Oden’s imagery.

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It will soon reveal that explosive Oden is actually Kanjuro’s painting. Now the samurai will have insufficient time to deal with it. But not to forget, the most important battle is around the horizon. The Worst Generation will fight against the Yonko. Luffy and others will fight against Kadio and Big Mom in One Piece Episode 1025. It will be a tough battle between Yonko and the Worst Generation, and it remains to be seen who will survive in this battle.

Fortunately, Chopper arrived and saved everyone from the Ice Oni virus. But it upset Queen, and she decided to kill him. But his own comrade stopped Queen from killing Chopper. He was enraged by Queen’s carefree behavior of using the deadly virus, and when everyone encouraged him to fight against Queen, he punched hard Queen’s face. Meanwhile, Shinobu and Yamato were trying to protect Momonosuke. But unluckily, Bao Huang told Kaido’s forces about Yamato and Shinobu’s position. Both of them defeated Kaido’s men. But Momonosuke was upset as he thought of him as a liability.

One Piece Episode 1025, titled “Supernova Trio Against The Two Yonko,” will air on Sunday, July 17, 2022, at 11 am. You can watch the 1025th episode on Crunchyroll. It will finally reveal Kaido’s plan and how far he will go to destroy the Flower Capital. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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