One Punch Man Chapter 169: Will Garou Return To His Good Side? Spoiler Alert!

The One Punch Man Chapter 169 has become the gateway for the new arc of the manga. This chapter was not as action-loaded as the previous three chapters. The recent chapter was to wrap up the things that the previous chapters had scattered. But the fans think that there is still a need for a chapter to conclude the effects of time travel on the future timeline people. Moreover, the destiny of some characters is still vague. But before moving on to other things, get a sneak into manga’s past.

The One Punch Man manga debuted about 13 years ago. One is the writer of the plot of the manga. However, mangaka artist Yusuke Murata is the illustrator of this legendary manga. Yusuke’s illustration has taken manga from the floor to the top. Yusuke has managed to maintain the quality of the manga. Shueisha acquired the rights for the publication of this manga. Now, this manga has become the trademark of Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine. It’s time to move to the plot details and discussions of the 169th chapter!

The One Punch Man Chapter 169 has finally marked the end of the Garou Arc. The long-standing battle of Saitama and Garou has come to its end. It will be correct to say that it was quite an emtional end. The panel with Tario saving Garou brought tears to the eyes of the readers. However, the reunion of Genos and Saitama was also emotional. Saitama witnessed the same person alive that Garou killed. Garou put out the core of the Genos in front of the Saitama.

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Therefore, most of the part of the recent chapter was full of conversation. It was like the eruption of numerous memories in Genos’ brain that gave birth to an indefinite number of questions. However, Saitama felt very upset when he carried Genos’ torso up in the air while witnessing the sunset. It was the symbol of the fall of one of the finest arcs of the manga.

Two stories were going on in parallel in the 169th chapter of the manga. The first one was the reunion of the lead characters. However, the second one was about the injured Garou from the past timeline. He did not know anything about the future happenings. Saitama just entered his timeline and knocked him out with his ultimate One Punch. The people gathered around Garou to beat the pulp out of his body. The S-class heroes had even rounded him to start his beating. But Tareo, in the current timeline, got a glimpse of Garou’s death from the future timeline. He rushed toward Garou immediately to save him from the wrath of the heroes.

He claimed to the heroes that Garou is not evil but a good person. Garou and other heroes then heard about the good deeds of Garou in the future from Saitama. Garou could not believe these things as he was still under the burden of his ego. But he did listen to all of Saitama’s talks and gave a serious expression to himself. So one hero out of the crowd popped out to give support to Garou. That’s why Garou gets the chance to live due to the request of Tario and his love for him. But Garou managed to escape the scene as the other heroes were arguing about sparing his life. However, it is still not clear if Garou will leave his evil side. He has heard the complete truth but has not accepted it yet, or it seems so.

The future of One Punch Man is still rock solid. The main reason behind this prediction is Garou’s life in One Punch Man Chapter 169. Garou is a prominent character in the manga who have gone through a lot. Saitama saw Genos dying but Garou also witnessed Tario’s death in the future timeline. It was so heartbreaking for Garou that he sacrificed all of his powers to Saitama in the future timeline. The rejuvenation of Garou is necesaary to give a new angle to the story of the manga. So it is possible that Garou might leave its evil to help Saitama make earth a better place to live. What are your thoughts on it? Comment your opinion about manga’s future and do follow The Anime Daily page to get such amazing insight into the chapters of your favorite manga and anime episodes!

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