One Punch Man Manga Is On Break Confirms Creator Yusuke Murata!

Fans have been waiting for new chapters of One-Punch Man. The last story arc left everyone in awe when Saitama was in danger, and now everyone wants to know his next move. But we have unpleasant news for you. The new arc will take some time to return. Recently the manga creator Yusuke Murata announced that the One-Punch Man manga is going on a break. Here’s everything you need to know.

One and Yusuke Murata launched their manga One-Punch on Tonari no Young Jump in 2012. The manga series is the remake of One’s original project of the same name. Soon manga’s first anime adaptation aired from October to December 2015. The second season returned on the screen in April 2019. As of now, Shueisha has recently published its 26th compiled book volume on June 3. Meanwhile, Viz Media published the 23rd volume in October 2021.

After reading a marvelous chapter, fans have been eagerly waiting for more. But it seems like they have to wait a little too long to learn what will happen next. One-Punch Man’s creator Yusuke Murata revealed on Twitter on Thursday that the manga series will be on hiatus for a month. The author needs some time to come back with the new arc. However, he didn’t reveal the release date but confirmed that the staff would soon come up with a tentative date. Apart from this, you will be glad to learn that Viz Media is soon releasing the manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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Later, Genos and Saitama join the Hero Association in the hope of gaining notability. But despite his efforts, Saitama only becomes a C-class hero while Genos quickly becomes an S-class hero. Saitama feels bad but continues to save people from a sea monster and asteroid. Later they learn about another alien monster trying to invade the planet.

The author has recently announced One Punch Man manga hiatus. It means the manga won’t return this month. He hasn’t revealed the official release date. But we expect the new chapter to be back in early September. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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