Orient Part 2 Episode 8: Battle For Obsidian Goddess! Release Date

Kanetatsu finally realized his worth and what his chief wanted to teach him in the closing moment. He always underestimated himself and believed he wasn’t worthy to rule Uesugi Bushidan. But his fight with Inukawa Serioku changed his perspective. Now he will head to defeat the back dogs to save his queen. But before that, someone else will fight against the white sword bushi in Orient Part 2 Episode 8. Keep reading to know more.

Now in the eighth episode, white and green sword bushi will give each other a tough fight. White sword bushi will be furious after green sword bushi uses bad words for Obsidian goddess. So he will decide to kill green sword bushi first before heading to see the goddess.

The following storyline will continue the battle between white sword bushi and blue sword bushi. The blue sword bushi wants to kill Obsidian goddess as she’s the reason behind the battle between all the bushes. But it engraves the white sword bushi and lets him use his white sword ring. Well, the blue sword bushi has already seen this attack a decade ago and knows quite well about its outcome and how things will move from now.

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So he will prepare a shield to dodge the attack. But the laser beam will destroy the shield and create an explosion around the blue sword bushi. Everyone will be shocked by this move and wonder if he died. However, the blue sword bushi will appear out of the thick fog and surprise everyone. He will use his powerful blow to hit his opponent. The fight will escalate. Meanwhile, everyone will be heading to Awaji Island to defeat the black dogs.

Meanwhile, both charged attacks. However, Inukawa used yellow sword thin ki to defeat Kanetatsu. He hallucinated Kanetatsu and let him believe that he was in a trap. He burned down his legs and fractured his hand. But despite this, Kanetatsu didn’t stop here. He recalled the chief’s words and seemed determined to take a stand. Soon he used his sword to attack himself, which helped him break the illusionary array. It left Inukawa surprised, but he claimed that Kanetatsu couldn’t win in this battle. Inukawa was fast enough and attacked Kanetatsu with his sword, leaving him bleeding. But despite losing so much blood, Kanetatsu came up with a fatal move and killed Inukawa.

Orient Part 2 Episode 8 will air on August 30, 2022. It will be available on Crunchyroll. The upcoming episode will focus on the battle between white and blue sword bushi. They will use their powerful blow to hit each other hard. But it remains unclear who will win the match. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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