Oshi No Ko Chapter 88: Will Minami Join The Cosplay Team? Release Date

Love is in the air, and now Akane can also sense it in Oshi No Ko Chapter 88. Well, she and Aqua started their relationship on a weak foundation, but it seems like things will get better sooner in their life. We can see Akane is in love. But will Aqua accept her? Only time will tell. But something lovely will happen between them.

As for Minami, she will deal with her managing team. She wants to cosplay in a television program, but her future seems in limbo. Meanwhile, Shizumi-Mimi will make a bold decision. As for Aqua and Akane, there’s a long way to go. Keep reading to know more.

Nii-chan will continue to ask Yo Shizumi-Mimi to cosplay in his television program. Although Shizumi-Mimi believes everyone will find out that it is her, Nii-chan will finally convince her. But there will be a problem. It looks like Minami won’t get approval from her managing team to become a part of the program. So now Ruby needs to find a way to help her friend get a boost in her career.

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As for Akane, she believes that Aqua will get over Kana-chan one day. She is hoping for a positive change. But it looks like it will only hurt her. But fortunately, Aqua decided to stay loyal to her, which would help them strengthen their bond. The best part is her father and mother approve of their relationship and root for them. But he has PTSD, which will continue to create problems for him.

Previously in Oshi No Ko Chapter 87, titled “Lies,” Akane was trapped in her studio due to a heavy downpour. She cursed herself for not bringing the umbrella with her. But to her surprise, Aquakun came to see her, and he brought an umbrella with him. Akane was surprised but glad to see him behaving as an obedient boyfriend. She was glad that he was trying to move on and forgot Kana-chan. Although their relationship started with a lie, she was now looking forward to spending her life with Aquakun.

The following day Ruby asked Minami to work on her TV program. She asked Minami to cosplay since she was used to doing cosplay for magazines as gauure model. However, Minami doubted her skills. She had done this for magazines but never did cosplay for a television program. It was a bit challenging for her. But after Ruby’s constant plea, she decided to accept her offer. Meanwhile, Nii-chan was searching for a cosplay artist for his television program. He was edging closer to his deadline, so he asked Yo Shizumi-Mimi to help him. But it freaked her out, and she rejected his offer in the end.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 88 will release on July 17, 2022, on the official pages of Oshinokomanga. Finally, it will focus on Minami’s decision and whether she gets a chance to boost her career. It will be a long way to go, and she might lose something before finding her true path. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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