Oshi No Ko Chapter 91 Delay: Artist’s Update On Break! Release Date

Urushibara-san didn’t do fair with Meiya-san and still behaved like he did nothing wrong. However, his action will create problems for Nii-san in Oshi No Ko Chapter 91. Nii-san has already confronted Urushibara-san, and he knows Nii-san is against him. So he will use his power to create problems for Nii-san. Will he be able to resolve this matter? It’s a never-ending war, but Nii-san will find a way to deal with Urushibara-san. Here is everything you need to know about the next chapter.

Now in the 91st chapter, Nii-san will be worried about getting fired. He will try to map a way to get out of this situation. But no door will be open for him. Soon Ruby will show up and suggest that she has a plan which can help both of them. Is it worthy enough to consider?

In the following chapter, Nii-san will find himself in the middle of chaos created by the director. Well, he wanted to get rid of his assistant director position, and he knew Urushibara-san was exploiting his powers. But he can’t do anything and is worried he will be fired. But it looks like Ruby will save him. Ruby approaches Nii-san with a proposal that might help him secure his job and find a new cosplay artist. She will reveal that she has someone in her mind who could be a great help.

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Nii-san will appear surprised for a moment but will give Ruby a chance. She will hand him a letter which will consist of the names of people who are interested in Tokyo Blade cosplay. He will appear surprised at first but will be glad to know he can save his position. But he will be furious that he needs to report to Urushibara-san. He will wonder whether the director will do the same with these people too, which will leave him in a baffling position.

Soon the tweet became the talk of the town, and everyone supported Meiya-san. The assistant director Nii-san and his group appeared embarrassed by her tweet and apologized to her for it. He also asked her to delete the tweet. But she refused it and said it would help other cosplayers learn about the reality of the television world. After his conversation, Nii-san had a heated conversation with the director. But he refused to apologize and blamed Nii-san for bringing such an unprofessional girl on the set.

Oshi No Ko is currently on break. The next issue will resume in Young Jump. The 91st chapter will release on August 25, 2022. It will finally reveal Ruby’s plan and how she can help Nii-san. Fans will be able to catch the chapter only on the formal pages of Kodansha. Will it help the assistant director? Only time will tell. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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