Overgeared Chapter 142: Will Greed Save Isabel? Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 142 will also follow two storylines. The previous chapter went in two ways with Yura and Greed. Duke Greed is currently planning the roadmap to increase of quality of services in his town. Moreover, he is discussing solutions for the upliftment of the town with his partner Lauel. However, the story of Yura is not so uplifting. She has downgraded to level 1 in the previous chapter. Things are going hard for Yura currently.

The next chapter of the manhwa will show the after events of Yura’s degradation. Moreover, the save of Isabel will not be easy for Duke Greed. He has broken Lifael’s Spear seal. Damian could ask Greed for compensation if he knew the truth. However, he was ready to sacrifice everything for his sister Isabel. Greed observed his condition and reduced the amount to save Isabel. Check out more from the manhwa in the article below!

The Overgeared Chapter 142 will be a nostalgic journey for Yura. She has lost everything after not choosing Amoract magic from the flame. Yura is also not part of the Yatan’s Church. Her power as a Black magician is lost, and she will not be able to use them in the future. This will create problems for her in the upcoming chapter. She will not be able to fight the creatures with her core strength in the absence of her powers.

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The second plot point for the upcoming chapter will be Isabel’s save. Greed should figure out a way to save Isabel. He has broken the seal of Lifael’s spear. But he does not know why the condition of Isabel is decaying with seal breakage. Moreover, he does not know the way to fix the trouble he has created. The seal was an act of Rebecca to protect her daughters. But now, its breakage is becoming a life threat for Isabel.

Overgeared Chapter 141 started with Lauel and Greed’s discussion. Both of them were discussing ways to uplift the quality of their town. Suddenly Greed asked Lauel about the foundation of the Knights Divison. However, Lauel did not have any idea about it. Then Greed came to remember about the Piaro and Asmophel. Both of them are very profitable for the kingdom if Greed forms a Knight Division from them.

However, Greed then comes to meet Damian, who pleads with him to save the life of her sister. Greed observed his condition and agreed to save Isabel in exchange for Damian’s savings. Then the panel shifts its focus to Yura, who is in a cave. She has awakened the Amoract, one of the 33 Great Demons. The Amoract offers his power to Yura. However, she refuses to accept it and gets excommunicated from the Yatan’s Church. Yura is down to level 1 for now.

Overgeared Chapter 142 will release on August 20, 2022. The degradation of Yura has brought a plot twist to the story of the manhwa. Now she has to find a way to climb up the power levels. Otherwise, she will be a no match for the creatures in the game. The manhwa will be available to read on the Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. The Anime Daily team will keep you posted with more such updates!

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