Overgeared Chapter 143: Grid Levels Up! Release Date

Grid is now popular not only in the virtual world but in the real world too. He has defeated plenty of enemies and acquired points. However, things will be different in Overgeared Chapter 143. Now he needs to expand his kingdom and work on the way to recruit more knights. But his way of working won’t be a help. Meanwhile, Kang will follow Grid in his virtual life and perhaps become his knight. Will Grid accept him? Let’s see!

Now in the 143rd chapter, Grid will leave his kingdom behind for a newfound adventure. However, he will cross paths with his old friend on the mission. But soon, things will change when their presence awakens the dangerous threat of all time.

The 143rd chapter will focus on Grid and his next quest. He will go outside his kingdom to increase his points. Soon he will learn about a new mission. So without further ado, he will prepare himself and use his immense power to battle against the new demons. However, he will cross paths with Vone and Regas in the middle of it.

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Regas and Vone are searching for new materials in new mines. But they need to be wary as any dangerous vampires can appear. However, they will be surprised to se Grid there, and Regas will start following his orders to fight the new monsters. They will cross paths with the king of the vampires, who will command his group to chop their heads. But Grid will use his powerful battle skills to dodge all the attacks.

Kang wanted his silver knight’s guild to merge with the Overgeared guild to grow their Korean guilds. However, Grid wasn’t in favor of Kang’s vision. He told him that there were people around the world who wanted to be a part of the Overgeared guild, and he couldn’t limit his group to only Korean society. But after hearing Kang’s word, Grid decided to join their forces. Kang later told his members about Grid and how he became the first person to make the knight system, creating Piaro and Asmofel, his first knight.

Grid will try to grow his kingdom and guild by recruiting more people. However, when he leaves everything on his shoulder, Daejon is surprised by his behavior. Overgeared Chapter 143 will release on September 1, 2022. You can read it on Webtoon, Kakao, and Naver’s official pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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