Overgeared Chapter 146: Is Damian The New Pope? Release Date & More!

Overgeared Chapter 146 will hit the nail on the coffin of Pascal. The previous chapter ruined all the plans of Pascal in one blow. However, Greed has made many enemies at once. It will not fall in his favor in the long run. Pascal will come after him for sure in the upcoming chapter. But he might be already alert as he harmed the Red Knight with his Lifael’s Spear.

The next chapter will witness the coronation ceremony of Damian as Pope. Most probably, the assembly of elders might expel Pascal from the Church as he was using gold to buy the votes from the elders. Moreover, he sealed all of the treasure after the death of the 5th pope and kept it to himself. Check out the article below for further information related to the upcoming chapter!

Overgeared Chapter 146 will make the coronation of the Damian official. Moreover, there will be a retaliating fight between Greed and The Red Knight. But the elders will end the game for Pascal. Greed would not be able to do much with him as he is a member of the church community. So he can only expose Pascal in front of everyone for selling the votes.

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Isabel will also participate in the upcoming chapter to finish the story of Pascal. Her Lifael’s sear has reached to a whole different level with the Blacksmithery skills of Greed. Now it is the chance for Pascal to reclaim the peace for Rebecca Church. But Damian must fight his own fight in the end as he cannot always ask Mr. Greed for help.

The 145th chapter of Overgeared was not so good from the perspective of Pascal. He faced severe backlash on his path to becoming the new pope of the Rebecca church. It all started with Greed’s reconstruction of Lifael’s spear. However, it took him two long days to fully master the skill of reforging the mythical weapon with divine power.

He was trying to steal the Adamantium from the spear, but its lack could not make the spear complete. But Pascal was not happy when he saw Greed with it. He thought that Rebecca was dead, so he started plotting to get the spear in his possession. However, Greed attacked the Red Knight with it and finished him in one blow. Moreover, Pascal came to know later that Isabel is still alive.

Overgeared Chapter 146 will be out on September 25, 2022. Fans who are getting anxious to know about Damian must wait for a couple of days to get the outcome of the voting. The latest chapters from the manhwa will be available on the Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. Don’t forget to miss other articles from The Anime Daily to get all the info in one place!

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