Overgeared Chapter 155: The Earl’s Wrath! Plot & Release Date

Fans are curious to know what Overgeared Chapter 155 will bring. The battle in the 13th city goes on. Meanwhile, Grid was in a pickle in the last one. He is struggling to boost his level. In chapter 153, Grid wiped out the sixth building to reach level 299. But after level 299, he must gain four times the experience to advance. He has to take down three more buildings to earn the same. As Grid struggled to reach level 300, Elfin Stone foiled all of his plans. The Earl easily overpowered Pagma’s sword. Will Grid make it through this? Here is everything you need to know about chapter 155, its plot, and release date!

Fans will see how Grid manages to deal with Elfin Stone in the next outing. The earl’s blood transfusion is a perfect skill that rarely fails. So, how will Grid dodge his attacks? On the other side, someone is taking an interest in him. Will Grid live up to their expectation?  Keep reading to see what will happen!

In the upcoming chapter, Grid must face Elfin Stone with all his might. His sudden appearance has surprised everyone. The party was trying to heal themselves before next battle. As of now, the Earl is stronger than Grid in every way. So, the ultimate fate of Grid and his friends is still uncertain. For Elfin, killing humans is fun. He will come at the invaders after every sleep cycle until they are perished. But Hiroi seems to have angered him. 

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In the last chapter, he insulted Elfin’s parents. To vampires, their parents are equal to Gods. Now the party must face Elfin’s wrath. Sure enough, Grid will take it all on himself. But how does he plan to deal with Elfin’s Iyarugt? All will unfold in the next one. Meanwhile, At S.A Group someone has caught Grid’s interest. One of the major scientists of Satisfy game, Ashley Tosun is keeping a close watch on Grid.

But Grid’s invincible passive neutralized those characteristics. He didn’t expect this to happen. Because Pagma’s successor isn’t a class that one can upgrade to such an extent. A Trueblood vampire should always win. He imagined that Grid might be able to collect all the legendary items. Meanwhile, Elfin had managed to strike down all the party members. Iyarugt sword found the enemies’ fatal points. Now, Grid claimed that Elfin is someone who doesn’t have any fatal points. He is even stronger than Hellgao, the monster. The chapter ended with Grid showing frailty.

The manwha is all set to return next week. There are no updates on the exact release date yet. Fans speculate that Overgeared Chapter 155 could be out by 22 November 22, 2022. This is just a prediction. But we will be sure to update you as soon as there is news. Just Keep checking back on this page. Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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