Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 12: Season Finale! Release Date & More To Know

This is the point in the story where Pharma has to use all the knowledge that he has ever been able to acquire. The world around him is going through an epidemic, and everyone is counting on him. The title and preview of the next episode are already out, and fans think that this boy will manage to save a lot of lives. However, reaching a point of complete safety might not be easy. Without taking much of your time, here is everything that you need to know about the final episode of the show, Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 12.

In the following storyline, fans will get to know how Pharma creates the antibodies that can save them from the disease. Later on, the kingdom would also have to stop all the squirrels from spreading the virus even more. At last, creating a safety net is also a part of the process.

In the last scene of the previous episode, it was seen that some knights had come to the place to release a hoard of white squirrels into the city. This was something that no one had been expecting. The title of Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 12 will be “Those He Couldn’t Cure.” As per the title, it seems like Pharma will manage to create a vaccine for the virus soon enough. However, what we do not know is if he can save all of them.

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The next episode will show how the antibiotics for the disease are created by them. Moreover, fans will also get to know who was behind this entire plot in the kingdom. But the politics of this is an entirely different matter. As of now, the main focus would be to save as many people as he can.

The title of Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 11 was “The Miracle at L’Estacque.” The episode started with Pharma joining hands with the Diocese team to prevent any further spread of the Black Death. On the other side, Bruno organized a meeting with Professor Casper, who was an expert in microbiology. The man was nearing his retirement. But Bruno convinced him to be with Pharma and get a drug prepared for it.

Pharma was quick to learn that this virus had entered the territory through the white squirrels. And also the knights who had traveled across the country. In the last act of the episode, Pharma came to the conclusion that the virus had been spread so that Saint Fleuve Empire came down without much trouble. The final scene of the anime was pretty concerning for all the characters.

The release of the last episode is lined up two days from now. Fans will get to see what the future of this brilliant pharmacist is going to be. So, Parallel World Pharmacy Episode 12 will release on September 25, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the episodes of the anime only on the official pages of Crunchyroll. At last, keep in touch with The Anime Daily to get all your regular anime updates only here.

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