Reality Quest Chapter 43: Do Wan Learns The Truth! Release Date

Chapter 43 was a hell of a ride when Do Wan used the black lock. Now in the Reality Quest Chapter 43, he will learn something incredible. Well, Do Wan is best known for his fighting skills, and we last saw him unleashing his full control and fighting with the bad guys. However, things will soon change. He will finally learn about something insane, keeping him up all night. Here is all you need to know about the latest outing.

Now in the 43rd chapter, Do Wan will learn sensitive news about the system. It will leave him in a jolting position. However, he will try his best to deal with the news. Later Ji-Han will do his best to help his friend.

Do-Wan has so many questions in his head. But it looks like he needs to wait a little longer to find the answers. He will be surprised to get a message from the administrator and wonder what he wants from him and why he asked him to protect Ji-Han. It looks like the person will be Ji-Han’s father, who is missing. Perhaps his father only wants to protect him from the world.

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It could also be possible that some bad guys were behind Ji-Han’s father, so he created this system to help protect his child. But before revealing the truth, his father will test Do-Wan. Soon he will rush to find his closest friend and be glad to see him alright. But he will reel over the fact that his father is the curator of this system. It will be the last day of their trip, and they will return to their home. However, Do Wan will pursue a personal quest to learn more about the system.

Soon Do-Wan unleashed the black lock. His powers raised exponentially, and he defeated Mad Brothers’ army in a one-hit. He used his swift moves to hit them. Soon many of them decided to quit fighting after watching his incredible performance. But their leader threatened them to fight with him. However, the fight didn’t last long, and Do Wan won the face-off. He woke up in a strange room and learned it was Admin’s room.

Reality Quest doesn’t follow an even release pattern. So it’s quite tricky to guess when the upcoming chapter will be out. But considering the last three releases, we can expect that the 43rd chapter will release on July 22, 2022. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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