Reality Quest Chapter 50: Han Eunsung Dies? Release Date

As the manhwa is progressing, it’s becoming wilder and insane. Initially, Do Wan only fought to protect someone. However, now he will become a part of the mafia, and things will change as the manhwa explores some untold stories of these mafia groups. Now, in Reality Quest Chapter 50, Kang in Kang will make a bold and insane move that will cost someone’s life. However, he doesn’t care about anyone’s life, so it’s just a piece of cake for him. But it will lead to massive destruction in their group. Keep reading to know more.

In the 50th chapter, Han and Kang will continue their fight. However, Han will be vulnerable, and Kang will use this opportunity to defeat and kill Han. Meanwhile, Chae tries to hide something from Kim. Will Kim find this out? Further, it will lead to a massive fistfight between Chae and Kim.

The upcoming chapter will finally reveal whether Han Eunsung will manage to save his life. Well, as we know, he’s hanging from the building and needs Kang’s help to save his life. However, Kang still remembers the traumatic past and wants to end this chapter just to save his empire. However, somehow Han will manage to lift himself in order to leave Kang on his own. Meanwhile, Do Wan will be reminded to stay away from Han and his group as they keep an eye on all the areas in Kwanak.

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Meanwhile, Kim Kijin, the vice-delegate of Sinlim-Dong, will cross paths with Chae Jinho, the vice-delegate of Seowon-Dong. Well, Chae wants to hide some records before Sinlim-Dong reaches there. Unfortunately, Kim is already here, and he will give Chae and his delegates a tough fight. He won’t leave Chae as it is and will try to extract the details about the record. As for Do Wan, he will try a way to make money by preparing his team.

However, Do Wan’s other friend didn’t think he did the right thing and believed he should have fought back. Instead of debating whether he did right or wrong, his friend focused more on the profit system of Borame-Dong. They discussed the profit system of Bongcheon-Dong and the detective office of Seowon-Dong. While every delegate worked on their profit system, Sinlim-Dong dealt with the internal matter and took action against the betrayer. Back to Kang in Kang, he fought with Han Eunsung to save his empire from collapsing. Despite giving Han a tough fight, he failed to win against him. However, in a split second, things changed. In the end, Han was hanging to the building, and Kang used this opportunity to kill him.

Han’s fate is still up in the air. But there’s a possibility that Kang will have a change of mind. Will Han forgive Kang? You will find this out in Reality Quest Chapter 50, which will release on September 4, 2022. You can read it on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakao’s official pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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