Reality Quest Chapter 54: Dawn And The World Gang! Release Date & More!

Reality Quest Chapter 54 will bet the demolition of the World Gang. The previous paved the way for Dawn to his friend Sehee. However, he got to know about a new gang in the previous chapter. It was the World gang that used axes to fight their enemies. Dawn was able to escape with his girl the last time. But the gang will not spare him for the second time.

The next chapter will witness the end of the World Gang. Seshee will not tolerate the injuries to his grandmother. Moreover, the world gang members are illegally asking for money from his grandmother and him. So there will be much more violence as Seshee will also participate with Dawn in the meeting. Moreover, the board members from the meeting might also join them. Read out the article below for more information regarding the next chapter!

World Gang’s future looks dark in Reality Quest Chapter 54. Moreover, they might be on the kill run for Dawn. But the heinous crime that they did against Seshee’s grandmother was not acceptable at all. Moreover, they were illegally asking for the money, which falls in the category of a misdemeanor. Therefore, there will be a tough fight in the next chapter.

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But the World Gang members are not naive persons. They are strong enough to fight two persons at a time. The previous fight with the World Gang member was not easy at all. Moreover, Dawn had to escape that place when the member took out an axe to fight with Dawn. The new quest is to finish the gang, so Dawn must step in to finish it for all.

The 53rd chapter of Reality Quest started with the fight at the snooker club. Dawn was holding a club brat who was misbehaving with a schoolgirl. When Dawn stopped him from doing so, then his other allies came in forward to protect him. However, Dawn managed to fight all of them. However, one of them turned out to be a World Gang member, and he took out an axe to fight Dawn.

Dawn took the chance and escaped from the scene with the girl. But Dawn could not recall the name of that girl when he was leaving her on the way to her home. That girl warned him in a seductive way that she would beat Dawn if he will not remember her name next time. Suddenly, Dawn met Seshee, who was standing behind him. Both of them walked to Seshee’s grandmother but found that someone who caused chaos there was called World Gang.

Reality Quest Chapter 54 will be out in public on September 26, 2022. However, there is no certain info on the confirmed release of the manhwa. There are chances that the manhwa might not release on time as it also faced delays in the past. The Anime Daily team will keep you posted regarding this section. Until then, check out more articles from our page!

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