Reality Quest Chapter 66: Siyeon’s Past, Mysterious Man! Release Date & Plot

The chasing game made the whole manhwa thrilling, and seeing Siyeon in action blew fans’ minds. However, it isn’t the end of the path. In Reality Quest Chapter 66, fans will see her more in action as the manhwa explores her deadly past. Is she hiding something from her friends? It looks like it, though. Will Do-Wan find the truth? Keep reading to know more.

The 66th chapter will finally reveal the identity of the new character. He was also a part of Boramedong. But whether he’s still alive remains unclear. Further, Do-Wan will continue to explore his journey and fight back against the dungeon boss. However, can he win the Quest? Let’s see.

In the upcoming chapter, Siyeon and Do-Wan will finally reach a safe point far away from Juryeong’s reach. However, Siyeon doesn’t know why Do-Wan mingles in such a dangerous situation. She believes he shouldn’t risk his life for the delegate position of Boramedong. It isn’t that important at all. It leaves Do-Wan to ruminate about his decision, as he also has no clue why he’s doing this.

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But he decides to do whatever his heart pleases. It reminds Siyeon of someone, and it remains unclear who this person is. Reality Quest Chapter 66 may pick up with a flashback. It may explore Siyeon’s past and how she gets involved in this. Further, Do-Wan will continue to fight against the dungeon boss and try to establish Boramedong’s supremacy there. But will it be easy? It doesn’t look like it, though.

Previously in Reality Quest Chapter 65, the goons boss, Juryeong, learned about Do-Wan’s whereabouts. His comrades found him in an internet cafe in Cheongryeong-Dong and informed their boss that they would soon present him in front of their boss. But when he entered the cafe, things weren’t like he had imagined. In fact, many of his comrades were laying on the ground covered in blood. However, he couldn’t believe that a single person did this. Juryeong stated that, as per his experience, he couldn’t escape from there alone. He needed someone else helps to escape from Kim Kyunggu’s claws.

He was right. Siyeon came to pick him up. But Kim and his gang cornered them. However, Siyeon performed a stoppie that helped both of them to escape from Kim and his goons. Kim was impressed with her skills and decided to punish her when he caught her. They started chasing them, panicking Do-Wan. One of the goons reached them, but Do-Wan hit him hard and kicked his bike. Next, Kim ordered his two more goons to block them. They used a chain to block their way, but again Siyeon performed another stoppie and escaped from there. But the pair met with a dead end and decided to hide inside the building. Kim plotted a trap to catch them, but surprisingly, Siyeon was way smarter and played the trick against Kim and his goons, leaving them behind.

Fans will finally learn about this new character and his connection with Siyeon. Is he Siyeon’s past lover? You will find it in Reality Quest Chapter 66, which will come out on January 3, 2023, on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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