Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 65: Where Is Hades? Release Date & Plot Details

This month’s dose of RoR is coming this week with all answers. The last month’s outing did leave a lot of questions for the fans. It was seen that King Qin Shin Huang was on the verge of losing his life. But this edge of loss was followed by a heroic moment that filled Shin with valor once again. Hearing all of humanity cheering for him, he was charged with the motivation to win for all of them. And so he did. To know about the aftermath of this here is everything to know about the next chapter, Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 65.

The next chapter will feature the aftermath of the loss of Hades. The King of the Underworld, even though lost, got the respect and recognition that he could never have earned in the Gods’ world. But he could not still get the respect from his brother, Poseidon.

The power of Goujian Sword was something that had the trust of many humans including Zhao. Along with this, one woman who had all the hopes from Qin was lady Chun Yan. Not for herself, but she wanted Qin Shin Huang to win this war for her son. The young boy wanted to see if the price of bravery, valor, and courage was a victory or not. In the end, the Tortoise Ripple attack worked just the way he thought.

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But Hades’ loss was not easy to watch either. All the God of The Underworld wanted to do was avenge the loss of his brother Poseidon. And now, the score between the Gods and Humans is 4-3. Many battles are to come in the future and Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 65 will be taking a look at those only.

The title of Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 64 was “The Return of the King.” The chapter started with Heimdall making the announcement that Qin Shi Huang was still standing at his feet even though he knew he was about to die. The human audience saw this and began to cheer for him even louder. The King heard these voices and thought of his mother. He said to her in his heart that he was able to make the people happy after all.

On the other side, Alvitr said that Qin Shi was not going to give up this easily. He revealed that the man was going to use the Heavenly Hand of Defense. As Qin Shi Huang stood against Hades, all eyes were looking at him with high hopes. And so, Qin took out the Goujian Sword and clicked it at Hades’ spear. Thus, his ultimate attack was Tortoise Ripple. But the attack was not as effective as Qin was expecting it to be.

However, Hades saw a massive stream of blood pouring out of his heart. From the other side, both Zeus and Adamas were distressed at this sight. All Hades could think about was Poseidon and the promise he had made to him. The chapter came to an end with Hades disappearing in thin air without leaving a trace behind.

As usual, the latest chapter of RoR will make it to the table on the 25th of the month. This fight will be coming to an end soon enough. But a lot will unfold in the following storyline. So, Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 65 will release in the next two days without any break. The final release date is June 25, 2022. Fans will be able to read all the chapters of the manga only in the Monthly Comic Zenon. Thus, keep in touch with The Anime Daily to get more intel on this.

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