Red Ribbon Army Arc: Everything To Know About The Next Arc Of DBS!

The Red Ribbon Army Arc from the Dragon Ball saga will appear soon in the anime. The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is based on this arc of anime. This movie is going to release on August 26, 2022. The Red Ribbon Army has become a matter of debate since the release of the trailer of the upcoming movie. Red Ribbon army is the new organization that will emerge as one of the biggest villains in future projects of the anime. But the face of the main antagonist from the movie is still not out yet. Fans are still speculating on the possibilities of a new villain.

The first time Red Ribbon Army appeared in the Dragon Ball anime was at the time of Goku’s marriage. The story belongs to the time when Emperor, Pilaf, Goku, and Red Ribbon Army were chasing the four-star dragon ball. The term Red Ribbon Army came to light first time in the anime. However, all of them find out that a bird Petrodactyl has carried the ball to the village of the Ox-King. Now everyone knows that the Ox-King is the father of Chi-Chi in the Dragon Ball anime. That’s where Goku met Chi-Chi first time, and Ox-King decided to marry his daughter to Goku. However, Colonel Silver from the Red Ribbon Army ruins their marriage due to the Dragon Ball.

Goku gets his eye on the Dragon Ball and chases after it. However, emperor Pilaf takes the ball to his safe house. But the Red Ribbon Army catches him off-guard and takes the Ball from him. Goku chases the army and tries to retrieve the ball from them. However, Colonel Silver stops him from doing so. A fight takes place between Goku and Colonel Silver. Goku makes Colonel Silver face the defeat in this battle and crushes him brutally. When Colonel Silver reaches to the headquarters without the ball then, Commander Red orders his gunmen to shoot him as he leaves the hall.

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Goku’s extraordinary strength takes him to the third floor easily. However, the third floor of the tower was not an easy ride. Goku encounters Major Metallitron there. He takes all of the attacks of Goku without any injury. Goku wonders over his power but finds out that he is a robot. His muscular body was fake. So Goku blew him away with the Kamehameha blow. Eventually, the algorithm of Metalitron fails in the end. Goku meets Ninja Murasaki on the next floor and defeats him easily. Even the four ninjas were no match for him. However, Goku faced some problems in the Dungeon of General White. But he defeats Buyon and moves to fight General White with Android 8.

Goku enters the next floor to fight General white. But he is a no match for Goku. He uses trickery and puts the Chief of the Village at gunpoint. Then General White grabs Goku by his tail and attacks him. Goku faces a backlash in the end when the General shoots a bullet in Goku’s head. However, Goku does not die. But Android 8 becomes so angry that he destroys the whole tower along with General White.

Goku then finds that Android 8 has a bomb in his body. He goes to Dr. Flappe with Android 8 to remove the bomb and fix his Dragon Radar. Flappe removes the bomb, but he cannot fix the Radar of Goku. However, Ninja Murasaki tries to steal the dragon balls, but Goku kills him with the bomb that came out of Android 8. Goku finds his way to his Nimbus and flies his way to the Capsule Corporation.

Goku meets Balma coincidentally at the Capsule Corporation. Both of them visit the Amusement Park for any trace of the dragon balls. However, a thief of the Red Ribbon Army is still after the Dragon Balls. He tries to steal the balls by tricking Yamcha and placing bombs in the Amusement Park. However, Goku gets to know about the scheme of the Red Ribbon army. He defuses the bomb with the help of his Ki and saves the park from the blast.

The Red Ribbon Army did not appear in the Dragon Bal anime after it. However, it will bother Gohan in the upcoming movie of Dragon Ball. So here was some info on the Red Ribbon Army Arc of the Dragon Ball anime. We hope that the article was informative to you. Keep visiting The Anime Daily for more arc analysis and theories articles on the anime!

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