Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 249: Mizuhara Stays At Kazuya’s Place? Release Date

As the manga progresses, Kazuya learns more about Mizuhara, and his feelings for her also increase. He wants to be with her in Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 249. However, a brutal incident will leave them shattered, and now Kazuya will do his best to comfort her. Will he succeed in his goal? Further, can he succeed in developing feelings for himself in Mizuhara’s heart? Let’s see!

In the upcoming storyline, Mizuhara will be surprised by the incident and try to get to the bottom. But she will fail to find out more about the case. So Kazuya will offer his help. Further, they will share a room together in the upcoming chapter. Will it ignite the feelings for Kazuya in Mizuhara’s heart?

The following chapter, “Eviction,” will focus on the recent case. Mizuhara will be surprised to see tiles on the floor. Something fell from the top floor, which led to massive destruction. However, the cops are investigating the matter and have no idea about the crime scene. Mizuhara will try to gather information about this. However, she won’t succeed in this. Kazuya will offer Mizuhara to come with him.

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He will tell her that he thinks it isn’t safe for her to live in such a place, at least for now. Initially, Mizuhara is against this decision but has no choice left, so she will join him at his home. Kazuya will be excited about the thought that Mizuhara will stay with him after sharing a thrilling day. Mizuhara will be shy to share a room with Kazuya, so he will sleep on the sofa and leave the room for her. However, despite his attempt, she will ruminate about what happened to her house.

Previously in Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 248, Kazuya and Mizuhara went to her childhood home for their investigation. But they tumbled from an earthquake, and he accidentally ended up on her. However, when he tried to move away, Mizuhara stopped him. She held him close to her, which shocked Kazuya. He had some X-rated thoughts about their relationship and how things would move from there. Kazuya heart was beating fast, and he was turning hot. He realized how small Mizuhara was.

However, Kazuya was shocked when Mizuhara told him a leaf was stuck in his hair. Soon after, he quickly rushed to the washroom as he had some spicy thoughts about Mizuhara. While they were on their way home, Kazuya started pondering that he wanted to be with Mizuhara like a family. He wanted to know her more. He popped the question that what was her idol marriage life. However, Mizuhara had no clue about it. Kazuya wanted to be in a lovey-dovey relationship. His opinion led her to burst into laughter. They ultimately reached their building but were shocked to see caution tape all around.

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 249 will release on September 2, 2022. You can catch it on the official pages of Webtoon, Naver, and Kakao. It will focus on the crime scene and its connection with Mizuhara. Will Mizuhara be able to deal with the matter? Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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