Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 14 To Release Soon? Release Date

The not-so-great end of anime has fired the predictions about Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 14. However, the makers might not release another episode of the anime. But the last episode of the anime completely disappointed the fans. It was just a re-exploration of the whole journey the anime covered. Moreover, the only progression was at the end of the 13th episode. That’s why the fans criticized this episode a lot for its effortless plot points.

The 14th episode of the titular anime does not seem practical so far. However, the flood of criticism on the internet might force makers to release one. The second season needs a good end. But the titular anime always disappoints fans with the climax. The climax of the first season was satisfactory. But the climax of the previous season was way worse than the climax of the first season. Check out the article below for further input on the titular anime episode!

The fans of the anime are running a campaign on the internet to release Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 14. The previous episode looked like the merger of left-over clips. Moreover, they did not have any story. They were parts of past memories of characters. But these characters have already developed over time. Any attempt to change the perception of the fans will not succeed. It was the same case with the cutting hair of Naruto.

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However, the ending of the 13th episode was satisfactory. Naofumi group approaches the backside of Spirit Tortoise mountain range. Then Naofumi prepares to leave everyone. He waves at everyone, and the spirit pops up from her behind to wave at everyone. The lead character then tosses the flowers in the air as a farewell symbol. The wind carries these flowers and triggers the end theme song of the anime.

The most important highlight of the previous episode was Raphthelia. She could confess her love to Naofumi at any juncture in the anime. But the makers introduced her interest when Naofumi was ready to go. She was getting all makeup and dressed for the person who was leaving her behind. Naofumi did not even get to know about the feelings of Naofumi. This was the greatest pain for fans.

There is no info on the release date of the Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 14. Even the possibilities of a 14th episode are rare. The makers are planning to release the third season of Rising Of The Shield Hero soon. If released, the episode will be found on Crunchyroll’s official pages. So all we can do is just wait and have patience until the next season releases. Keep following The Anime Daily to keep a check on anime updates!

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